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Buy Pravastatin to Reduce Blood Cholesterol Levels

Pravastatin, also available with the brand name of Selektine or Pravachol, belongs to the class of drugs known as statins, used for preventing cardiovascular disease and for reducing cholesterol levels in a patient’s body. It is prescribed as a part of a complete treatment program, which also includes weight loss, exercise and diet plan.

Pravastatin uses

With Pravastatin sodium as its active ingredient, this medication can be used to treat several health conditions, including the ones listed below:

• To reduce blood cholesterol level if it cannot be controlled by exercise and diet alone
• To reduce genetically high blood cholesterol in children from 8 to 18 years of age
• To prevent death or illness due to a heart disease or stroke in patients with high cholesterol or those who are at high risks of a heart disease
• To prevent death or further illness in patients who have a heart disease and who already had heart attack and unstable angina
• To reduce cholesterol in patients who had an organ transplant or who are taking an immunosuppressant medication

How Pravastatin works

Being a statin, it works by decreasing cholesterol production in the liver by blocking HMG-CoA reductase action in the patient’s body. This reduces the cholesterol level in liver cells, removing excess LDL cholesterol from blood. The reduced production of cholesterol and enhanced removal of LDL from the blood results in reduced cholesterol levels in the patient’s blood. The drug also leads to reduction in the production of other bad fats in the patient’s blood known as triglycerides.

How it is given

Tablets containing Pravastatin sodium should be taken once per day preferably in the evening, either with or without meals. You will need to take these tablets on a long-term basis, and if you discontinue the treatment, your cholesterol levels are likely to increase again. In order to avoid any Pravastatin side effects, do not increase, decrease, or stop your dose without consulting with your doctor.

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