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Pravastatin Tab 20mg

Expiry: April/2022

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SKU 2253
Generic For Pravachol
Manufacturer FDC, India
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Pravastatin 20 mg containing pravastatin sodium is a statin drug, which reduces blood cholesterol. By improving blood cholesterol, it reduces the risk of developing coronary artery diseases, heart attack, or stroke. The medicine is extremely effective in reducing high levels of bad cholesterol and in elevating the good cholesterol in the blood when lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise have failed to do this adequately. Cholesterol is vital for the normal functioning of the body and if the levels are too high, it can build up on the walls of the arteries. This may cause blockage of blood vessels which results in hardening of arteries. The condition may lead to chest pain, or a heart attack. Your doctor will perform a regular blood test to check the blood cholesterol.

Talk to your health care specialist before taking Pravastatin 20 mg, if you have renal insufficiency, an underactive thyroid, hereditary muscle disorder, liver problems, are over 70 years of age, or have an unexplained persistent muscle cramp. While you are receiving the cholesterol-lowering drug, your health care provider will closely monitor you for high blood sugars and fat in the blood. He/she will also keep a close eye on your weight and blood pressure.  Coadministration of other medicines with Pravastatin may affect the mechanism of action of either of the drugs. Let your health care specialist know if you are using any other medicine.

Like all medicines, Pravastatin 20 mg can cause side effects not everybody who takes this drug gets them. Discontinue treatment and immediately inform your health care professional of sudden allergic reactions such as difficulty breathing, trouble swallowing, swelling of the tongue, throat, or wind wipe. Let your health care provider know if you develop persistent muscle pain, cramps, weakness, muscle pain, or tenderness. Other side effects of the cholesterol-lowering drug include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, indigestion, blurred vision, stomach pain, headache, or sleep disturbances.

Take Pravastatin 20 mg tablets exactly as your health care specialist advise. You should check with your health care provider if you are not sure how to take medicine and how often to take it. Your health care provider will explain the importance of a low-fat diet which needs to be followed during the treatment and you should continue the diet for best results.  Pravastatin 20 mg once daily is the recommended dose for adults. You may take the tablet without regards to food. Your doctor will tell you if the dose of 20 mg suits you or not. Discuss with your doctor for the prevention of heart and blood vessels with Pravastatin.  If you believe that the effects of the medicine are too weak or too strong, speak to your health care professional. Your health care provider will tell you the duration of the treatment. Use the medicine for the prescribed period. Do not stop the treatment without having words with your health care professional. If you have a liver or a kidney disorder, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose.

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