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Referral FAQs At AllDayChemist

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have completed one order with us then you will need to tell them to send in the attached New Patient Order Form or email friends or family from our website. Once they place their first order with us, you will be able to start your earning through our referral program.

We believe that more people need to know about the way through which they can save when buying prescription medication. When you spread the word about our products, we will reward you. To be precise, you just need to get more people to sign up at our website which will help you to get more rewards.

Yes. You need to have earned a minimum of US$ 200.00 so that we can issue you a money order.

Yes. When you call us up to order, we will let you know the number of reward dollars you have earned. We will remove that purchase price to help you in saving more money on our already low prices.

You are entitled to get a Money order only if you have earned more than $200 in Referral Rewards. You can ask for your reward dollars to be sent as a Money order. That money is your reward. You have earned it!

In order to have your referral money paid out, you need to pay a certain amount of service fee i.e; $10. This fee is used to cover the administrative costs that are associated with preparing and mailing the check to you. However, we don’t take any cost to use your rewards dollars as credit towards purchases.

We require you to accumulate a certain amount of money before we issue a Money order to you. This is because we have to charge a few dollars as service fee. It would be ideal to simply use your credit towards your medication purchases with AllDayChemist. This will enable you to save money.

I am sorry, you can’t. However, you can use your credit to send the medication to your spouse or a family member or a friend. Place the order and put the shipping address where you want us to send the medication.

Our referral program is made to help you in reducing your medication costs. Due to this, we are not able to refund the credits you have earned through the program to a credit card or a bank account.

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