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Review Guidelines

Guidelines for Reviewers

AllDayChemist (ADC) believes in transparency and improving today & tomorrow. We offer a platform to all our new and existing customers through this domain to share their experience, feedback, views and comments with other users and visitors. Gradually this way, everyone (including you 😊) gets the idea about the products and services ADC is providing. On this platform, you can share and discover experiences and help everyone (including us) to make things easy with every relevant review of yours.

To maintain the eCommerce decorum, we expect you to respect the guidelines given below to keep ADC a collaborative and trustworthy place for everyone. We thank you for your love and support for our website… let's help everybody avail quality life by receiving genuine medication and healthcare products.

  1. Writing a review

Writing a review is applied when you have a recent purchase with us. This way, you get the chance to share your experience, feedback, comments with other fellow buyers for their ease. With the help of your review, a company also get the chance to know its customers, their likes and dislikes and initiate the implementations and scope of improvement (if any). The size of the review does not matter here; it could be a one-word or over 100-words review. You get all the access to write about products, services, pricing, privacy, payment protection or about the customer support team.

It is good to share your review after every purchase, but it is not necessary, nor you are bound to rate or review a product every time. You can even skip sharing your experience at a time when you are short of time, or due to any reason.

  1. Never write a review on behalf of somebody else

For the authenticity of the review, it is always good to write a genuine review. Please do not write a review on behalf of somebody else; let them write their own review because writing on somebody’s else behalf could be a contradictory, biased or fake review. You should also not write a review if you are closely connected, compete or work for the same company.

  1. Keep proof of your experience

Keep any of the documents as a record that may certify your purchase with the website; it could be your order receipt, order confirmation, screenshot or shipping details to verify your purchase experience with us.


  1. Write your review wisely

Your contribution to our platform is always a pleasure. We expect that you write a wise review and avoid writing a jerk, hatred, harmful, discriminatory, obscene or defamatory comment. Writing bullying, blackmailing, lying, and threatful reviews are surely not welcomed.

  1. Defamatory Reviews

There are certain responsibilities that a company has to hold on To maintain a balance between suppliers and consumers. The expression of words is a powerful tool in today's world, and everyone is free to share their good or bad story he/she may have experienced with an online platform. Being a mediator between supplier and consumer, we are responsible for taking care of harsh /illegal statements that may put a business reputation or growth at stake. Writing a review should be a way to share your opinion and experience with others, not defamatory comments that may misguide them.

  1. Eliminate the promotion

It is best to keep your reviews relevant and to the point. Adding promotional content, links, market strategy etc., is not permissible. This platform is not a place to sell your service or product.


  1. Do not add your personal information

Reviews shared by you are public and listed on website pages. It is advisable not to share your contact details, personal information or private stuff in your review. It is important not to add personal info considering the safety and privacy of you and others.

  1. The User Account

Creating a user account is necessary to post a review. You may add your user id, real info, display picture etc. help other viewers to rely on your post. One user should have one account; the company reserve all the rights to delete multiple user accounts (if any) with the same email or contact info. You reserve all the right to create, edit, or delete your user account anytime you wish.

  1. Edit or delete your review

Writing one review for one product is usually found sufficient, and the same can be updated, edited or deleted anytime you want. Many reviews on a single product and service from the same user does not help other buyers as it is usually considered promotional marketing stuff.


  1. Genuine Reviews

Freedom of expression is a common right that anybody can use at any time, but keeping rules in mind is also required while acting on something. Our responsibility is to add and keep genuine reviews on our website to guide others. Still, if somebody flags your post for breaking a certain rule, we may temporarily hold, hide, or ask you to make some changes in your review to avoid any hassle. A review can be removed if somebody intends to misuse or play with our business reputations. The advanced software of our website keeps a close eye on fake or contradictory reviews.

  1. Conclusion

The review guidelines are here to help you understand dos and don'ts. It is important to have clear guidelines for everyone to avoid challenges; therefore, keeping a policy fair is inevitable. For a better experience, we may change/update the guidelines at any point in time as and when needed. You can contact our customer support team for queries (if any), or you can also approach us at info@alldaychemist.com.

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