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Side Effects
Side Effects
If you've tried quitting before, you may have felt irritable when you didn't have a cigarette. Why has quitting smoking always been so hard? The answer has a lot to do with nicotine.
Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Champix is one of the best medications to help you quit smoking but like all other medications, it also has certain side effects. Health issues like nausea which may last for months at a stretch, stomach pain, indigestion, constipation, gas, insomnia, unusual dreams, headache, increase in hunger, loss of

taste, fatigue, etc. are common side effects of Champix. Before you purchase Champix keep in mind that there are bound to be certain side effects but these should not cause you to stop taking the medication.

Very rarely disorders like blood and lymphatic system disorder, cardiac disorder, ear and labyrinth disorder, eye

Benefit of quitting Smoking
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disorder and gastrointestinal disorders may result as side effects of Champix. 

Side Effectsnot cited above may also occur infrequently or rarely. Inform you doctor if any such side effects appear or the above listed side effects grow to be vexing.


When planning to purchase Champix keep following things in mind:

You should use Champix only if you are above 18 years of age. Older adults and people allergic to the ingredients of Champix should avoid it. 
If you have kidney problems, asthma or diabetes, it is feasible to consult your doctor before purchasing Champix. Your doctor might feel the need to alter the dose.
Inform your doctor about all prescription and non prescription medication you use, especially: insulin, asthma medicines, and blood thinners before you purchase Champix. This medication may react with chemicals present in other drugs. When you stop smoking, there may be a change in how these and other medicines work for you. Do not begin or discontinue any medicine without doctor’s or pharmacist’s approval.
If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor before purchasing Champix. It may affect the unborn baby. Also breastfeeding may transfer Champix to the baby’s body. Thus, it is advisable to quit smoking before planning a baby.


Directions to use Champix

Decide upon a day when you will stop smoking. 
As Champix needs few days to build up in your body begin taking it at least seven days prior to the day you stop smoking. During these seven days you can continue smoking but try and stop smoking on the day you have decided to quit. If you fail, try again. Some people need a few weeks for Champix to work best 
Take Champix after eating, with a full glass (8 ounces) of water. 
Most people keep taking Champix for up to 12 weeks. If you have completely quit smoking by 12 weeks, ask your consultant if another 12 weeks of Champix (Varenicline) may help you quit smoking permanently.


If you are finding it difficult to fight cravings, go out and ask for help from a friend who is trying to quit smoking or join a forum or group of people in your area, who are sailing in the same boat as you. You will feel better and relaxed to be with someone who is going through the same experience as you are. Try and forget the side effects happening to you on account of using Champix.

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