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Aciloc 300mg

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US$ 0.10

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SKU 871
Generic For Zantac
Generic Name Ranitidine
Manufacturer Cadila, India
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100 Tablet/s US$ 0.10 US$ 10.0056%US$ 22.50
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Aciloc 300 mg is used for the treatment of a stomach disease, Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The active ingredient of the medicine Ranitidine works by decreasing the secretion of acid in the stomach and it does this inhibiting histamine receptor on certain cells inside the stomach. By reducing the stomach acid secretion, Ranitidine relieves symptoms such as indigestion and heartburn. This is also beneficial for people with stomach ulcers. Moreover, the acid reducer is effective against Zollinger Ellison syndrome, which contributes to excessive acid production in the stomach.

Patients require to be aware that Aciloc 300 mg tablets can increase the chances of developing pneumonia. The symptoms include chest pain, fever, coughing, and breathing issues. Also, make sure that you are allergic to Ranitidine or any other ingredients of the medicine. Ensure the safe use of Aciloc 300 mg by using it under the supervision of a doctor. Let your doctor or health care expert know if you suffer from renal impairment or porphyria. Although the medicine does not cause harm to the fetus but be sure to tell your doctor about your pregnancy status. Ranitidine may pass into breast milk, let your doctor know if you are a nursing mother while taking the acid reducer medicine.
Inform your doctor if you develop new symptoms, such as difficulty to swallow, sudden weight loss, and stomach pain. If you have kidney disease, you need a different dosing regimen. Be sure to inform your doctor about your kidney disease. Avoid consuming alcohol with Aciloc 300 mg.
Aciloc 300 mg, like any other acid reducer medicine, reduce stomach acid may affect the working mechanism of drugs that require acid for absorption. These include ketoconazole and itraconazole.

In patients such as the elderly, individuals with chronic lung disease, or diabetes, there may be an increased risk of developing pneumonia. Use with caution in case of gastric ulcer. Long periods of treatment may increase the risk of ulcer recurrence. Make sure you use it till the time it is prescribed to you. There are reports of Ranitidine to cause acute porphyria attacks. The medicine must be avoided in patients with a history of porphyria. Patients should be monitored for renal impairment, and the dosage is meant to made accordingly. Ranitidine is generally safe for oral administration, but taking too much may harm your health. taking an extra dose might get you some side effects such as feeling sick.

Aciloc 300 mg must be taken under the supervision of a doctor. You are not allowed to change your dose on your own. To get results, you need to take it as per your doctor’s prescription. The medicine is meant for oral consumption, do not chew or crush the tablet. Ranitidine can be taken before or after consuming food. in the case of stomach ulcers, it was essential to making dose adjustments in relation to meals. Your doctor will prescribe Aciloc in the dose and duration that best suits your condition.

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