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Androcur 50mg

100% of 100
Ciproterone acetate

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SKU 290
Generic Name Cyproterone Acetate (also spell as Ciproterone Acetate)
Manufacturer Bayer Schering, Turkey
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Androcur 50 mg is indicated for treating patients with advanced prostatic cancer. It contains the active ingredient, Cyproterone, which belongs to the group of medicines known as antiandrogens. The class of medication blocks the effects of the testosterone hormone, which causes a significant reduction in the production of testosterone in the testicles, which prostate cancer cells require for growth. Androcur 50 mg may also be given to reduce abnormal sex drive in men.   

Androcur 50 mg is contraindicated in patients with known hypersensitivity to Cyproterone acetate, active liver disease, and renal insufficiency. For men, it is recommended that a sperm count is taken to check fertility before commencing Cyproterone. It can take 3 to 20 months for fertile sperm production to be re-established after discontinuing the treatment. Children and women should not take Cyproterone. Some medicines may interfere with Androcur, and these include: 


     –     Medicines to treat fungal infections, including ketoconazole, clotrimazole, itraconazole

     –     Ritonavir for the treatment of HIV

     –      Phenytoin for the treatment of epilepsy

     –      Antibiotics that are used to treat infections such as leprosy and tuberculosis

     –      Statins to lower cholesterol levels in people with a risk of cardiovascular disease.

     –      St john’s wort, a herbal remedy for the treatment of mood disorders

     –      Antidiabetic agents


These medicines may be affected by Cyproterone or may affect how well it works.  

Many medicines can cause side effects. Contact your doctor if you develop fatigue, tiredness, loss of concentration, nausea, upset stomach, change in sex drive, breast enlargement, breast pain, inability to maintain an erection, headache, hot flashes, change in body weight, and sleep disturbances. Serious side effects of the medicine are depressive moods, fast heart rate, shortness of breath, osteoporosis, skin colour changes, or rashes.

Swallow the tablet with water after meals. It is best to take the medicine after meals to maximize the effects. For best results, continue taking it as long as your doctor advises. This medication helps to control your condition but does not cure it. It is important to keep taking your medicine even if you feel well. Do not drive or do anything that requires concentration unless you know how cyproterone acetate affects you. It may cause your skin to become light-sensitive.


Avoid sun exposure and use sunscreen when stepping outside. Cyproterone may cause tiredness and weakness when you first begin the treatment. After about the third month, your body will become accustomed to the medicine, and this effect should be lessened.  

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