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Angizem CD 90mg

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SKU 329
Generic For Cardizem
Generic Name Diltiazem
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Angizem CD 90 mg manages angina resulting from coronary artery spasms. It effectively manages chronic stable angina without reports of vasospasm in individuals who remain symptomatic despite taking beta-blockers or nitrate medicines or who cannot tolerate those agents. Diltiazem, the medicine's active ingredient, can be useful in unstable angina when spasm of the coronary vessel is a contributing factor. A doctor may also prescribe the medicine in combination with beta-blockers in a chronic stable in patients with normal ventricular function. When such combination therapy is introduced, patients must be monitored closely. Angizem CD is not recommended for use in children.

Diltiazem should not be used in the following conditions:

  • In patients with sick sinus syndrome
  • In patients with a known allergy to Diltiazem or any other ingredients.
  • In patients with hypotension
  • In patients with severe bradycardia
  • In patients with second or third-degree heart block
  • In myocardial infarction, patients with left ventricular failure manifest pulmonary congestion.
  • With concomitant use of ivabradine and dantrolene infusion
  • In pregnancy and women of childbearing potential


Do not take Angizem CD and talk to your doctor if you are currently receiving a muscle relaxant called dantrolene.  

Also, tell your doctor if you are taking any of the following medicines:

  • Atorvastatin or simvastatin
  • warfarin
  • Lithium to treat mental problems
  • Theophylline to treat asthma
  • Nitrate derivatives to treat angina
  • Alpha-blockers such as Hytrin and doxazosin
  • Methyldopa, nifedipine, and diuretics
  • Carbamazepine or phenobarbital to treat epilepsy
  • Rifampicin to treat tuberculosis
  • Ciclosporin suppresses body’s immune or defence system
  • Clopidogrel to reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack
  • Ivabradine to lower the heart rate
  • Medicines used to suppress abnormal heart rhythm


If you are due to have surgery or visit your dentist, tell the doctor that you are taking Diltiazem CD 90 mg with anaesthetics. 

Do not take this calcium channel blocker drug if you are pregnant, planning to have a baby or if you are beast-feeding. The drug does not affect your ability to drive or use machines. However, if you feel faint or dizzy, avoid driving or operating machines. If you have been told that you have an intolerance to some sugars, talk to your doctor before taking medicine.  

The most common side effects of taking Angizem CD 90 are nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, or feeling dizzy. If you get any side effects, speak to your doctor. This includes side effects not listed in the information guide. The drug is strictly not recommended to use in children. Consult your doctor before taking this medicine. Limiting the amount of grapefruit juice you drink while taking Diltiazem formulation is advisable. You should not take medicine if you are pregnant or are breastfeeding. Talk to your doctor for advice before taking any medicine. 

Make sure you check the expiry date of the medicine before using the medicine.

Always take Angizem CD 90 mg as directed by your doctor. The medicine is available in the form of a capsule. Swallow it with a glass full of water. Do not open the capsule. Your doctor will decide the dosing regimen, depending on your condition. Limit your intake of grapefruit juice you drink while taking this medicine as it increases the amount of Diltiazem in the bloodstream and increases the risk of side effects.

The usual dose for adults suffering from high blood pressure or angina pectoris: 90 mg is twice a day. Based on your condition, your dose may increase or decrease.

Depending on the condition, the dose may be reduced for elderly patients and those suffering from kidney/liver impairment.  

Tell your doctor immediately if you accidentally take too many of these capsules.  

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