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Apcalis oral Jelly 20mg

80% of 100

US$ 1.05

US$ 1.05

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SKU 1071
Generic Name Tadalafil oral Jelly
Manufacturer Ajanta Pharma India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
28 Sachets US$ 1.12 US$ 31.5047%US$ 60.00
56 Sachets US$ 1.07 US$ 60.0049%US$ 117.00
84 Sachets US$ 1.05 US$ 88.5049%US$ 174.00
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Apcalis oral jelly 20 mg mainly used to treat impotence in men. This medication belongs to the PDE-5 inhibitors class of drugs, which works by relaxing the muscles and improving the blood flow of the penile region. Its intake improves your erection and allows you to enjoy the sexual activity fully.

Apcalis oral jelly 20 mg helps men to enjoy his sexual life. This product is popularly known to treat ED (erectile dysfunction) in men. Apcalis Oral Jelly is another Tadalafil product that comes in a flavored jelly form. This medication is a generic version of Tadalafil component. Due to its sweetened flavor and easy to consume gel-like substance make this product as the preferred option for many men. One can take it directly. A man can indulge in sexual activity as it starts working in just 30 minutes and stays last up to 36 hours after consuming it. Its long-lasting effects are the amazing one.  The medicine works by relaxing the muscle and increasing the flow of blood in specific areas of the body and thereby solving the problem of erectile dysfunction in men.

Combination of medicine and any nitrate medicine can lead to low blood pressure. Hence take your doctor advice before consuming any medicine. Do not take Apcalis oral jelly if you are allergic to the main ingredient of the drug or any other ingredient or are using a nitrate drug for angina or heart problems. Let your doctor know if you are using any other medicine while using Apcalis oral jelly.

Some common associated with the use of Apcalis oral jelly include nausea, dizziness, pain, numbness or tingling in chest, neck, arms or jaw, painful erection. A prolonged erection that persists for more than 4 hours may also occur. In rare cases, this medicine intake can lead to severe side effects like high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, hearing loss, strokes, chest pain, etc. In case the side effects persist for long then you must contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Taking 20 mg of Apcalis oral jelly is enough to experience pleasure. The jelly form is easy to consume than another conventional pill. One sachet should be taken, and a gap of 24 hours should be there between the second doses. Men who consume it the first time are advised to try 10 mg first to see the results. Take the dose 30 minutes before intercourse with plenty of water. The medicine should be taken as per the instruction of the doctor and no alteration of dose should be done unless advised by your doctor.

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