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Aziderm Cream 10 % (15gm)

95% of 100

US$ 4.00

US$ 4.00

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SKU 81
Generic For Finacea Cream 10%
Generic Name Azelaic Acid
Manufacturer Micro Lab, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
1 Tube/s US$ 6.00 US$ 6.0048%US$ 11.50
3 Tube/s US$ 4.50 US$ 13.5061%US$ 34.50
6 Tube/s US$ 4.00 US$ 24.0065%US$ 69.00
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Aziderm cream 10% is a topical medicine used for the treatment of Acne. It helps to treat the acne symptoms and lessen the acne marks. Azelaic Acid, the active ingredient of the medication, is a very active exfoliator that accelerates the skin cycle. The azelaic acid improves the pigmentation by speeding up the elimination of melanin in the dermis. It also increases collagen levels in the skin cells and improves fine wrinkles. It does not, however, affect deep converges formed on the skin and ice pick scars. This medicine all improves the overall quality of the skin.

It is always essential to wear sunscreen of SPF when you go outside. Protective clothing is a must. Since Azelaic acid can thin your skin, and your skin is more sensitive and prone to sun damage. Before using Aziderm 10%, inform your dermatologist about your current medications that you have been using. These may include prescription treatments, over the counter products, or herbal therapies. Some health conditions may make you susceptible to the side effects of the topical drug. Be sure to use this medicinal cream as per your dermatologist's instructions. The dose and duration are based on the condition. Do not wash the treated area immediately after applying for medicine. Avoid getting it into your eyes, nose, and mouth. If by chance exposed to the formulation, rinse it thoroughly with water.

Tell your doctor as soon as possible if you notice itching, redness, irritation, numbness, blister formation or crusting of the skin, peeling off, stinging of the skin, scaling of the skin, rashes, and burning sensation on the treated area. In the above cases, you must go for immediate medical help. Do not get alarmed by the list. You may /may not experience all of them. Tell your doctor immediately in the above situations.

Aziderm cream 10% comes in topical cream form. Apply a small amount of the topical product as per the dermatologist's advice. Always take the drug dose as prescribed by the doctor only. Never change the dosage, start, or stop using the drug without a doctor's permission. Usually, your acne will get worse for the first 7-8 days, but do not discontinue the product. Regular usage of the product will improve the condition within 3-4 weeks, and acne/scars will diminish.

Application Instructions:


While applying Aziderm cream, follow these steps:


  • Wash your hands and the affected skin area using a mild soap and water
  • Pat dry your skin using a cotton cloth
  • Wait for at least 15-30 minutes before applying for the medicine
  • Use clean fingertips, a cotton swab to apply the medication (a pea-sized)
  • Apply only enough amount of medicine to cover the area lightly


Apply it religiously two times a day in the morning and bedtime so, as the acne scars heal faster. Proper care of the infected area is necessary. Time to time application of the cream will prove beneficial and will speed up the healing procedure.

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