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Dexona 4mg Injection (2 ml Injection/s)

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US$ 4.30

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SKU 308
Generic For Adrenocot
Generic Name Dexamethasone
Manufacturer Zydus, India
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8 Injection/s US$ 4.30 US$ 34.40
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Dexona 4 mg injection treats the following conditions:

      Acute adrenocortical insufficiency and other conditions that respond to steroid therapy

      The shock caused due to excessive bleeding, and serious injury before and after surgery

      Allergic conditions which develop suddenly, such as swelling of the face and throat, and acute deterioration of long-term health conditions  such as bronchial asthma

      Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation in the joints)


Each millilitre of solution contains Dexamethasone sodium phosphate equivalent to 4 mg of dexamethasone phosphate. Dexamethasone belongs to a class of drugs known as steroids or corticosteroids that are naturally produced in the body. Corticosteroids help reduces inflammation in the body and maintains health. One must take this medicine regularly to get the maximum benefit from it.

Do not use Dexona injection if you have any of the following conditions:


      If you are allergic to dexamethasone or any of the other ingredients of the medicine.

      Infections affecting the whole body

      Stomach ulcer

      Active tuberculosis

      A severe allergy to sulfites

      Unstable joints where the injection will be injected

      Infection at the injection site, particularly in the joint where Dexona will be injected


Talk to your doctor if you experience blurred vision or other visual disturbances.


Check with your doctor first if you have ever had severe depression or manic depression.  


Talk to your doctor before using Dexona injection if you have:

      Stomach ulcer

      Suffer from osteoporosis


      Herpes infection of the eye

      Suffer from muscle weakness caused by steroids

      A specific infection called an amoebiasis

      Ever had heart problems, epilepsy, high blood pressure and liver problems


Mental health problems can happen while using steroids like Dexona injection. These illnesses can be serious and usually begin within a few days or weeks of starting this medicine. These problems are often associated with high doses of medicine.  

Prolonged use of Dexna 4 mg injection may cause the following problems:


      Increased blood pressure

      Sodium and water retention

      Increased sweating

      Increased appetite and weight gain

      Increased loss of potassium

      Changes in facial appearance


High doses of Dexona are intended for short-term therapy, so side effects are uncommon.


Visual problems, blurred vision, and vision loss may occur, but the frequency is unknown.


However, abdominal pain and severe breathlessness may occur even with the user over a short time.


Joint problems such as inflammation, pain, and infection may occur when Dexona injection has been made into a joint.


If you get any of the side effects, talk to your doctor. This includes side effects not listed in this information guide.  

Dosage requirement varies from person to person and must be individualized based on the disease being treated and patient response. Intravenous or intramuscular dosage usually ranges from 0.5 to 24 mg of dexamethasone daily. The treatment duration depends on the patient's clinical response; as soon as improvement is indicated, the dosage should be adjusted to the minimum required to maintain the desired clinical response. Withdrawal of the treatment on completion of treatment should be gradual.  

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