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Glypride 2mg

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SKU 486
Generic For Glimepiride
Generic Name Glimepiride
Manufacturer Sun Pharma, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
30 Tablet/s US$ 0.42 US$ 12.50
60 Tablet/s US$ 0.34 US$ 20.5018%US$ 25.00
90 Tablet/s US$ 0.30 US$ 27.0028%US$ 37.50
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Glypride 2 mg contains Glimepiride, which belongs to a class of sulfonylureas medication used to treat type 2 diabetes mellitus in adults. It helps control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, thereby preventing serious complications associated with diabetes, such as kidney damage and blindness. The antidiabetic agent may be prescribed alone or in combination with other medicines.

Avoid taking Glypride 2 mg if you are allergic to Glimepiride or if you are suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis.


Before taking Glimepiride, remember to inform your doctor if you are allergic to any sulfa drugs; or if you have heart, liver, or kidney disease; suppressed enzymes (G6PD); abnormally functioning pituitary or adrenal glands and related problems.


This antidiabetic drug lowers blood sugar levels. Take care to follow a strict and regimented diet and exercise program while taking this medication. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can occur if you skip meals, exercise more, drink alcohol, or have stress. Symptoms of hypoglycemia are headache, hunger, weakness, tremors, sweating, irritability, and trouble concentrating. Keep a source of sugar like candy, glucose tablets, or gel handy.


Glimepiride will not control your diabetic problems single-handedly. You must maintain strict diet, exercise and weight control measures and may also require other medications. Talk to your doctor If Glypride 2 mg is safe to use during pregnancy. Also, ask your doctor if it is safe to take this medication while breastfeeding if you are nursing your baby.

Taking Glypride 2 mg can result in some allergic reactions or serious side effects such as bloody, dark or painful urination; increased urination; dark brown clay-coloured stools pain in the stomach; bloating; shortness of breathing even with mild activity; unexplained weight gain; pain in chest; nausea; itching on the upper stomach; unexpected appetite changes; pale skin; easy bruising or bleeding; or increased thirst or hunger. Get emergency medical attention in case of serious and life-threatening side effects.


Glimepiride use results in these common and less serious side effects like cold, cough, sore throat, headache, muscle pain, backache, or dental problems.
The side effects of Glimepiride mentioned above are not an inclusive list of side effects of Glimepiride. You may witness other effects as well. Seek your doctor’s advice on side effects.

Glypride is usually taken once a day with breakfast or the first meal of the day. It is available as a tablet that must be swallowed with a glass of water without chewing. Your doctor will decide for you how much to take and how often. For best results, stick to your doctor’s regimen.   


Don’t skip a dose unnecessarily, and maintain a strict medication schedule. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as you remember. However, if the time to take the next dose is almost up, don’t take the missed dose and continue with the regular schedule. Taking two doses close to each other may lead to more drugs in your body, which can be harmful.

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