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Hair4u 5%

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US$ 18.75

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SKU 2097
Generic Name Minoxidil Topical Solution
Manufacturer Glenmark, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
1 Bottle/s US$ 22.50 US$ 22.50
2 Bottle/s US$ 18.75 US$ 37.5017%US$ 45.00
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Hair4u 5% is a prescription medicine for hair regrowth in patients with alopecia areata. It contains Minoxidil as the active ingredient which induces hair growth even on the bald area. The topical formulation is effective in the treatment of common hereditary baldness known as alopecia androgenetic. It helps to regrow hair on the tops of the scalp. Minoxidil is a perfect hair solution for adult men.

Minoxidil solution is not for use in women. It is not meant for frontal baldness or receding hair line. Avoid using Hair4 u solution if you have a family history of hair loss, your hair loss is patchy, or are under 18 years of age. The scalp solution is not for you if your scalp is red, irritated, inflamed, infected or painful. Before using the solution, inform your dermatologist if you are already using a hair solution. While applying the product, make sure you do not apply on other parts of the body. Avoid contact with the eyes or mucus membrane.  Some people using Minoxidil solution may experience changes in hair color and texture. The solution takes time to induce hair growth, results may occur after two months with twice a day usage. While some men may take four months before you see results.

Most people do not experience side effects while taking this medicine. However,  if you experience side effects such as throat tightness, breathing difficulty, chest pain, unexplained weight gain, dizziness, swelling in the feet or legs, fast heartbeat, swelling of the lips/tongue/throat/face, or feeling faint due to low blood pressure. One of the most common side effects associated with the use of Hair4u solution is a headache. Other common side effects of the drug include rash, itching, dermatitis, or unwanted hair growth on the face or body. If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor straight away.

When using Hair4u 5% solution, make sure you do not apply on other parts of the body. Avoid contacts with the eyes. Before you start to use this medicine, check with your doctor that you have a healthy scalp and no skin issues. The medicine is for topical use only, do not consume the solution. Use on the scalp only and applying it to other areas of the scalp can have serious side effects. Before applying the solution, make sure that the scalp is clean and dry. Do not use more than the recommended amount advised by your doctor. Do not exceed the prescribed dose. Excessive use of solution may cause side effects. In case you accidentally swallowed, contact your doctor straight away. If this product comes in contact with the eye, or lining of the mouth, or nose, rinse the area with running water. If you do not see improvement in the growth of hairs, even after twelve months of use, discontinue treatment and discuss with your dermatologist. Usually, hair regrowth occurs within four months of regular use while in some people, hair may not grow at all.

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