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Herpex Cream 5 gm cream

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Why is this drug prescribed?

Zovirax liquid, capsules, and tablets are used in the treatment of certain infections with herpes viruses. These include... Read more

US$ 3.25

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SKU 13
Generic For Zovirax Cream
Generic Name Acyclovir
Manufacturer Torent Pharma, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
1 Tube/s US$ 6.00 US$ 6.00
3 Tube/s US$ 4.00 US$ 12.0033%US$ 18.00
6 Tube/s US$ 3.25 US$ 19.5035%US$ 30.00
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Herpex cream 5 gm is a topical cream containing Acyclovir and is indicated for treating cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is especially effective in treating recurring cold sores in adults and children twelve years and older with normal immune systems. The topical formulation is not a cure for cold sores.        

Herpex 5 gm cream is contraindicated in patients with hypersensitivity to Acyclovir, valacyclovir, or other formulation components. Use the cream all over your affected skin. Do not swallow the medication. Do not apply the cream for genital herpes. Avoid covering the treated area with a bandage or dressings unless instructed by your doctor. Do not use any other topical product, including sunscreens, cosmetics, or lip balms, over the cold area while using herpes unless advised by the doctor. Do not take a shower or swim just after applying this topical medication, as this could wash off the medicine. The safety and effectiveness of the cream have not been established in patients younger than twelve years of age in patients. Do not touch your sore unnecessarily with your hands to avoid spreading infection.   

Herpex cream is well tolerated in patients with cold sores. The most common side effects reported with Herpex cream were local skin reactions at the application site. Other skin-related side effects of the medicine include flakiness or dryness, itching skin, cracked lips, and a burning or stinging feeling. These side effects may not occur in all patients using this Acyclovir medication and gradually resolves over time. If these side effects persist for longer or worsen, please seek immediate medical advice. Discuss with your doctor if you have concerns about Herpex cream.

Herpex cream 5 gm is most effective when you start treatment as early as you notice a cold sore. Apply the topical formulation for best results at the first sign of a cold sore (such as redness, itch, bump, or tingle). Be sure to wash your hands before using the acyclovir cream. Apply it on clean and dry skin. Squeeze enough to cover all the areas of tingling or the cold sore. Gently rub the formulation until it disappears. Apply Herpex cream five times a day for four days. Use immediately following the onset of cold sore lesions. This product is for topical use of recurrent HSV lesions on the external aspect of the lips and the face. Do not apply the cream on mucus membranes, including in the eye or inside the mouth or sore; don’t forget to get this formulation prescribed by your physician.

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