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I Pill

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US$ 7.00

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SKU 1407
Generic For I-Pill
Generic Name Levonorgestrel
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
1 Tablet/s US$ 11.00 US$ 11.00
3 Tablet/s US$ 8.00 US$ 24.0027%US$ 33.00
5 Tablet/s US$ 7.00 US$ 35.0036%US$ 55.00
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Don’t be worried after a night of unplanned and unprotected passion, as there is a quick solution, i.e., the I-pill.This tablet helpsfor the prevention of pregnancy after an act of unprotected sexual intercourse.It is an emergency contraceptive pill and unfortunately, it is gaining popularity amongst teenagers, despite repeated warning from doctors or gynecologists against its careless use. Since it is an over the counter product, one doesn’t need a prescription and even teenagers are able to purchase the same from medical shops. At the same time it is also advisable to don’t practice unsafe sex and just depend on the I-pill every time.

Although, pregnancy is the best time in every woman’s life, as it marks the shift of her identity from a woman to a mother! But if you haven’t decided to have a baby and had unprotected intercourse, you might be tensed about getting pregnant. Usually,women with unplanned pregnancies end up getting an abortion and then follow a pattern of anxiety, regret, self-shame, fear and loneliness that wouldn’t have occurred if there was a chance to edit the damage.

To save women from this unplanned state, various emergency contraceptive pills are available in the market and the I-pill is one of them. Launched by pharmaceutical company Cipla, it has proved its effectiveness in the field of emergency contraception.

The things to be followed before you take I-Pill:     

• I-pill is to be used only as an emergency contraceptive pill.

• It is only safe for women between the ages of 25 and 45. It is not the best saviortask for teenagers.

• It is a hormonal pill and its long time usage can lead to severe menstrual problems or even ovarian damage.

• It is not without side-effects. It can reduce sexual interest; lead to skin allergies and also prepone periods in some women. Other women complain of a severe headache which is a result of hormonal imbalance.

I-pill facts:

So if any woman over the age of 25 years getting pregnant after an episode of unprotected sex, contraceptive failure, forced sex or improper usage of regular birth control follow up, she may just take an I-pill to ease her anxiety. Certain things to be known about this pill are as follows:

1. I-pill is not an abortion pill. It stops pregnancy, but cannot terminate it. Therefore, it is ineffective if a woman is already pregnant.Generally, women don’t have any idea about the difference between the I-pill and abortion pill and take them all wrong.

2. It is meant for emergency contraception. It cannot be used as a regular contraceptive method and is quite unhealthy if taken more than twice a month.

3. It is to be taken just after unprotected sex. It should preferably be takenwithin 24 hours and before 72 hours or else the pill will turn to be effortless.

4. It checks pregnancy by preventing ovulation or fertilization or implantation of the fertilized egg.

5. It is 95 per cent effective if taken in time.

6. It comes as an oral tablet which is required to be swallowed with water after having some food.

7. One can resume taking her regular contraceptive pills the day after she took the I-pill. So, in case if you forgot to take your daily contraceptive and had sex, taking an I-pill canhelp in easing your anxiety.

8. These provide protection against pregnancy but not against HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases.

9. It is an over the counter emergency contraceptive pill available with all the chemists and even at the local chemist shops.

10. You should consult a doctor before taking it in case you are on long-term medication for any ailment.

11. Lactating moms can take I-pills without worrying. They will not affect the quality of their breast milk or have any negative effect on the newborn.

12. I-pill is an authorized emergency contraception measure and therefore it has no long-termeffects. Nausea, breast tenderness, lower abdominal ache, headache, vomiting and irregular menstruation are some of the temporary side-effects of the I-pill. However, these effects are automatically dealt within a day or two.

13. A woman is required to go for a pregnancy test if her next menses have been delayed by more than a week.

14. Consult a doctor before taking the I-pill if you are allergic to Levonorgestrel.

The birth control pill is a safe and an easy way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. It also benefits in reducing acne, making your periods regular, and easing menstrual cramps. This birth control is not to be used during sex, so it doesn’t interfere with the action. If the pill is taken correctly, you're protected from pregnancy all day, rather, every day. Also, these pillscan make sex lives better because a couple need nothave to interrupt their sex or worry about pregnancy. All thatis needed is just a prescription from a doctor if you want to use it for thelong term to stay carefree and happy.



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