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Ivabrad 5mg

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SKU 560
Generic Name Ivabradine
Manufacturer Lupin, India
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30 Tablet/s US$ 0.70 US$ 21.00
60 Tablet/s US$ 0.61 US$ 36.5013%US$ 42.00
90 Tablet/s US$ 0.56 US$ 50.5020%US$ 63.00
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Ivabrad 5 mg is a heart rate lowering medicine that your doctor may prescribe to reduce the risk of hospitalization for worsening heart failure in adult patients with heart failure. Useful for providing symptomatic relief against stable angina pectoris whose heart rate is over or equal to 70 beats per minutes. The medicine is helpful for those who are either in maximally tolerated doses of beta-blocker drugs or who have a contraindication to beta-blocker use. The heart medicine can also be used in conjunction with beta-blockers in adult patients whose condition is not adequately controlled with a beta-blocker. Ivabradine, the active ingredient of the medication also helps in the management of chronic heart failure in adult patients whose heart rate is over or equal to 75 beats per minute. Your doctor may prescribe this in combination with standard therapy, including beta-blocker treatment or when beta-blocker drugs are not tolerated.

Before taking Ivabrad 5 mg tablets, tell your doctor, if you are allergic to it or you have other allergies (food or preservatives). You may be allergic to its active ingredient Ivabrandine or other inactive ingredients of the medicine. Before taking the drug, tell your doctor about your medical history, especially of liver problems, heart problems, or low blood pressure. This drug may make you dizzy and may affect your vision. Use of alcohol and marijuana can make you dizzier.

Furthermore, don’t drive or engage in any activities that that requires you to alert. Limit alcohol consumption, especially during the treatment. Notify your doctor if you are undergoing any surgery or using any prescription or non-prescription drugs, including vitamins and herbal supplements.

The most common side effects associated with the use of Ivabrad 5 mg are temporary brightness in your vision and changes to your heart function. Dizziness or tiredness may occur with the use of Ivabradine, if either of these effects stays or worsen, tell your doctor straight away. Please inform your doctor if you experience any of these severe complications, including slow heartbeat, fainting, or irregular heartbeat. A severe allergic reaction is rare; however, it is essential to get medical help if you notice any of these symptoms of allergic reactions such as itching, rash, swelling of the face, tongue, throat, and trouble breathing.

The dose of Ivabrad will depend on the individual condition of the patient. One may take it with food. The treatment for heart failure is usually last long, and you should not discontinue treatment without discussing with your doctor. The usual starting dose is 5 mg twice daily with food. Usually, after two weeks of treatment, your doctor may adjust your dose as per your heart rate. This is applicable for cases where the 5 mg dose is tolerable well. The maintenance dose should not exceed 7.5 mg twice a day. Prefer taking one tablet in the morning and one in the evening. Follow your doctor’s instructions when it comes to using this anti-anginal drug. Your doctor will prescribe the right dose for you according to your condition as well as your needs.

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