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Nizral Cream 2% 30gm

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SKU 564
Generic For Nizoral
Generic Name Ketoconazole
Manufacturer Johnson & Johnson, India
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Nizral cream 2% helps to treat fungal, and yeast infection of the body. It has the active ingredient Ketoconazole which is categorized as azole antifungals. Ketoconazole topical is effective in treating fungal infections of the face, chest, scalp, back groin. These caused by a variety of fungi and this antifungal cream works by preventing the growth of the fungus and yeasts. The medicine is well tolerable, but a few people should not use it. Therefore, it is essential to use it under the supervision of a doctor.

Do not use Nizral cream 2% if you had an allergic reaction to ketoconazole. Get advice from your doctor. It is not likely that other medicines you take orally will affect the mechanism of action of this antifungal medicine. Also, talk to your doctor if you are using a topical preparation containing steroid or had an allergic reaction to any other antifungal medication. Ketoconazole, 2% cream, is for external use only. The antifungal medicines kill and stop the growth of fungus, thereby treating your skin infection. The topical formulation may be unsafe during pregnancy; therefore, it is essential to consult your dermatologist before using it. If you miss an application, apply it as soon as possible. Over usage may lead to the development of unwanted effects.

There are some mild side effects that you may suffer from using Nizral cream 2%, and these include peeling of the skin, burning sensation, blistering of skin, dryness, irritation at the application site. Some patents may even witness thinning of hair. These side effects are usually temporary, but if any of these persists for a longer duration, you should talk to your dermatologist. However rare, but signs of an allergic reaction include rash, breathing problems, swallowing difficulty.

Nizral cream is available in a tube for topical application. Your dermatologist may ask you to apply it once or twice daily for 1 to 6 weeks depending on the type of infection as well as the severity of the symptoms. Discuss with your dermatologist before using this antifungal cream. Symptomatic relief may occur quickly within a few days after starting the application. But it is essential to continue using it even if you notice your symptoms have improved. Your dermatologist may ask you to use Ketoconazole cream for several days after symptoms have appeared to prevent them from coming back. Your dermatologist will prescribe the dose and length of the treatment. You need to use it regularly to get the most benefit out of it. Skin infections usually get better with regular application of 2 to 4 weeks of treatment. If you are suffering from athlete’s foot, wash your socks or tights thoroughly and if possible, change your shoes daily.

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