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Pivasta 4mg

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SKU 1479
Generic For Livalo
Generic Name Pitavastatin
Manufacturer Zydus, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
30 Tablet/s US$ 0.75 US$ 22.50
60 Tablet/s US$ 0.67 US$ 40.0011%US$ 45.00
90 Tablet/s US$ 0.61 US$ 55.0019%US$ 67.50
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Pivasta 4 mg contains an active ingredient Pitavastatin, which belongs to the statin group of drugs. It helps to correct the levels of fat in your bloodstream. It can be given to children from the age of six years as well as adults. Excess amount of fats, particularly cholesterol, can sometimes lead to severe complications like a heart attack or stroke. Pitavastatin causes a significant reduction in bad cholesterol and triglycerides levels and increases good cholesterol in your blood.

Before taking Pivasta 4 mg, inform your doctor about your food allergies or if you are allergic to Pitavastatin. The medicine contains ingredients that may give rise to allergic reactions or other problems. Discuss with your doctor for more details. Your doctor should also be aware of your medical history, especially of prescription medicines, herbal products, and vitamins. It is important to limit alcoholic beverages while receiving statin therapy. Excessive use of alcohol may increase your risk of developing liver problems. Older adults are more likely to get side effects of the drug, especially muscle problems. Do not take medicine during pregnancy as it may harm your unborn baby. Therefore, it is especially important to take precautions so to avoid pregnancy while taking the statin medication. You can discuss with your doctor about reliable birth control methods to prevent pregnancy. These may include birth control pills, or condoms, ask your doctor which one is an appropriate method for you. Discuss with your doctor whether you must discontinue treatment in case you are trying to become pregnant.  It is still not known whether the medication passes into breast milk. There is a possible risk to the infant, breastfeeding while receiving the statin treatment is not recommended. Be sure to consult your doctor before breastfeeding.

There are no major side effects of Pivasta 4 mg, but you may experience mild to moderate complications associated with the use of Pitavastatin. Some common side effects of the drug are back pain, diarrhea, and constipation. You should speak to your doctor if the side effects persist or become troublesome.

Pivasta 4 mg is a widely prescribed medicine and is regarded as safe for long term usage. You may take Pivasta 4 mg with a glass full of water before or after consuming food. One should consult your doctor regarding the appropriate dosage of Pitavastatin. A lot of people with high cholesterol do not feel ill but stopping your medicine may increase the risk of developing high cholesterol levels. This leads to worsening of heart disease or may increase the risk of a heart attack. It is important to have your blood cholesterol levels checked regularly. Your doctor will prescribe Pivasta 4 mg in combination with a treatment regime which includes consumption of healthy diet, moderation of alcohol intake and weight reduction. You can follow a normal diet plan while receiving a stain treatment. But be sure to avoid foods that are high in fat.

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