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How It Works
Introduce your friends to us & share your referral code.
Your friend accepts it and signs up on AllDayChemist & places an order, which is delivered successfully.
You get a 5% commission on every order placed byyour friend.
This doesn’t end here
Your friend goes ahead and introduces us to another friend.
That friend too accepts it and signs up on AllDayChemist & places an order,which is delivered successfully.
Your friend gets the 5% commission plus you get a 2% on every order placed by that another friend.
Invalid Invites
If you don’t receive a notification about your referral bonus, it’s probably because one or more of the below listed conditions were met:
  • The person didn’t use your referral code on signup.
  • The person who clicked the link or used the code was already an All Day Chemist member.
  • The person did not complete his/her first purchase.
  • The referred person placed an eligible order, but the order got cancelled.
  • Our fraud detection system rejected the candidate you referred.
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