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US$ 3.83

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SKU 1985
Generic Name Device
Manufacturer Cipla, India
Pack Size Qty Price Per Pill or Unit Price Cart
1 Unit/s US$ 7.00 US$ 7.00
2 Unit/s US$ 5.75 US$ 11.5018%US$ 14.00
3 Unit/s US$ 3.83 US$ 11.5045%US$ 21.00
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Revolizer is a rotahaler device for inhaling dry pharmaceutical powder (Cipla rotacaps) to treat lung diseases. It is a simple-to-use and environmentally device for lung-related drug delivery. The device offers the best possible profit or results compared with the money spent. Revolizer helps control asthma symptoms by providing accurate dosing and excellent delivery of the medications in the lungs. It requires capsule placement and inhalation through the mouthpiece provided without shaking the device.            

Clean the revolizer at least one time per week. Never use the device when it is wet. Make sure you do not push any cloth or instrument into the mouthpiece of the Revolizer, as it may cause unnecessary damage. Keep the rotacap bottle tightly closed to avoid exposure to moisture to peek in. You can continue to use your revolizer daily for up to eight months and then discard it and replace it with new advice.  

To open, hold the device at the base with one hand and pull back the mouthpiece. Take out the rotacap from its bottle. Insert the rotacap (capsule) chamber with the transparent end facing down. Now close the mouthpiece. You will hear the “click” sound that will indicate the proper closing of the device. Breathe out through the mouth. Place the mouthpiece between the teeth and close the lips tightly around it. Sit or stand upright position, keep your head straight and take a deep breath rapidly through the mouth. When done correctly, you will hear some vibration inside the revolizer.


Remove the device from your mouth and hold your breath for ten seconds or as long as you find it comfortable. Exhale normally; if some powder remains in the rotacap chamber, repeat the step of breathing in the medication through the mouth. Make sure there is no powder left in the rotacap chamber. After using it every time, open the mouthpiece and discard the empty rotacap. Close the mouthpiece and keep the device stored.  


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