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Tiromel 25 mcg

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SKU 637
Generic For Cytomel T3
Generic Name L-triidotironin Sodium
Manufacturer Abdi Ibrahim Pharma, Turkey
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Tiromel - 25 mcg

About the drug:

The drug Tiromel belongs to a group of medicine by the name thyroid hormones. It is mainly used to treat hypothyroidism. It can be used either alone or in combination with other drugs for treatment purposes. The active ingredient of the medicine is L-triidotironin Sodium. To buy Tiromel online, you can visit our page to place an order.

Uses of the drug:

Tiromel is used to treat an underactive thyroid. Low thyroid hormone levels can occur either naturally or when the thyroid gland is injured due to several reasons such as medications/radiation or removed by surgery. The medicine may also be used to lower thyroid function in certain diseases such as Hashimoto's thyroiditis and goiter.

Working of Tiromel:

The medicine works by replacing or providing a hormone (T3) that is normally produced by the thyroid gland in the body so as to regulate the body's metabolism and energy. Having enough thyroid hormone is essential to stay healthy.


Tiromel is manufactured by Abdi Ibrahim Pharma, Turkey. The drugs are available on our website under various pack sizes. To buy Tiromel 25mcg online visit alldaychemist.com.

Dosage form and strengths:

The drug is available in the form of tablets. Buy Tiromel 25 mcg online at a discounted price.


The dosage of the medicine is based on your age, response to treatment, lab test results, drug interaction, and severity of the condition. In most of the cases, the patient is asked to take 25mcg tablet once in the morning.

The medicine is usually taken in the morning orally with the help of a glass of water every day or as directed by your doctor. The tablet can be taken either with or without meals but it should be taken with some fluids.

Taking the medicine regularly for the prescribed period of time is essential to get the maximum benefit. The medicine should not be stopped midway without the approval of your doctor.

Do not take the drug if you:

  • Are allergic to the main ingredient L-triidotironin Sodium or any other ingredient of the drug.

  • Are pregnant or planning to be pregnant unless otherwise stated by your doctor.

  • Are breastfeeding mom unless otherwise stated by your doctor.

Tell your doctor if you:

Are suffering from any form of allergies.

  • Have decreased adrenal gland function

  • Have heart disease

  • Have high blood pressure

  • Have diabetes

  • Have water diabetes

Side effects of the drug:

Patients using Tiromel may encounter side effects such as:

  • Nausea

  • Headaches

  • Hair loss

  • Irritability

  • Diarrhoea

  • Excessive sweating

  • Muscle cramps

  • Weight loss

Contact a doctor if the above side effects persist for long or if you encounter serious side effects such as

  • Insomnia

  • Chest pain

  • Menstrual changes

  • Tremors

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Restlessness

  • Muscle weakness

The above list is not a complete list of side effects and there may be others too.

Common drug interactions:

It is best to maintain a list of medicines that you are taking including any herbal medicines so as to avoid drug interaction. The list must be provided to your doctor before he prescribes you with the medicine. Some of the medicines which could interact are weight loss pills, Warfarin, calcium and iron supplements. This is not a complete list of medicines that could interact with Tiromel and there may be others too.


Things to remember

  • You must not share the medicine with any person even if the person is suffering from the same symptom.

  • You must take the medicine only for the purpose for which it has been stated and not for any other purpose.

  • The medicine is to be stored at room temperature away from moisture and light.

  • Proceed to your nearest emergency department immediately in case you are suffering from an allergic reaction. The symptoms usually associated with allergic reactions are difficulty in breathing or swallowing, skin rash, chest tightness, and hives.

  • It should never be taken with a weight loss pill as it could cause a fatal reaction.

  • It is best to avoid milk or any milk products few hours before or after taking the medicine as the body won’t be able to absorb it if taken along with the medicine and may lead to side effects.

Ask your doctor for a prescription to buy Tiromel.

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