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Bone Health

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About bone health The bone health here means the health of your bones in terms of strength and density. The bones are the infrastructure on which our whole body is dependent for everything. So the health of the bones is very important for our body. The health of the bones is determined by the density of the bones. The full density of the bones of people is acquired by the age of twenty and then this density of bones decreases gradually as we age. But in today’s world of pollution and adulterated food, the density of the bones is depleted before the time and the chances of acquiring various diseases related bones are increased. Generally the decline in bone density starts at the age of 30 and they decrease gradually and slowly but this process has increased faster due to unhealthy lifestyles.

Causes of bone problems

Various bones problems can occur due to unhealthy life styles. Calcium is very important for building block of bone. Vitamin D helps in the absorption of calcium, but due to unhealthy life style there is malnutrition of vitamin D and calcium, so various problems of the bones can occur. The density of the decreases due to the malnutrition and this makes bones weak and they can easily break and can cause fracture. The other problems are weakness, bone pain, osteoporosis, Paget’s disease, etc. bones can also develop cancer and infectious diseases. Bone problems can hamper your day to day activities and it’s very important to maintain the good health of the bones.

Signs and symptoms

Bone problems are one of the dangerous issues in human life and they can make the life of patient very difficult as they are unable to do anything of their own. So it’s very important to keep noticing the sign and symptoms of any bone problem and consult your doctor as soon as you experience any of the following symptoms. The various symptoms are as follows-

•    Pain in your bones and joints
•    Tingling and weakness
•    Bone deformities
•    Lower back pain
•    Loss of height
•    Stress fracture of the feet due to walking
•    Pain and fracture occurring in the spine
•    Difficulty in walking
•    Fatigue
•    Easily occurring of factures just because of minimal stress and this is known as trauma

It’s very tough to detect the symptoms of bone diseases as they are very common but do consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms and get diagnosed for the diseases of the bones. To increase the health of your bones always be aware of these signs and symptoms.


The diagnosis of the bone problems is very important as the treatment of bone problems is very important for the good health of the bones. There are various diagnostic methods to deduct the problems and disease of the bones. Some of the common diagnosing methods are as follows-

•    Lab test of blood, urine and other body fluids check any unwanted to release of the nutrients from the bones
•    X-ray- one of the most common methods used to deduct the bone fractures and other deformities of the bones.
•    Bone densitometry- this diagnostic method is used to deduct osteoporosis. The test is used to measure the bone mass or density of the spine, hips and arms.
•    Biopsy- tissues of the bones are collected to deduct cancer and other infectious diseases.
•    CT Scan- It is used to deduct the deformities of the bones.
•    MRI Scan


If the bone problems are diagnosed early there is no use of medicinal treatments as these problems can easily be cured by following a healthy lifestyle. But if the problems have intensified then there are various treatment methods, some of them are as follows-

•    Bisphosphonate medicine- these medicines are given during the treatment of Paget’s disease. This medicine work by reducing the abnormal bone turnover. It is also used to treat the bone pains.
•    Following a healthy lifestyle is very important to reduce the problems of the bones. Quitting of smoking, alcohol and consuming a balanced diet with adequate amounts of vitamin D.
•    Medications used to prevent bone loss and increase bone strength are calcitonin, zoledronate, raloxifene, risedronate, alendronate, etc.
•    Nutrients supplements which gives you the required doses of the nutrients. You can have vitamins for bone health. Nowadays, you can get best vitamin D supplements in the market easily. Calcium supplements are considered to be the best supplements for the bone health.

Step to improve health

There are no permanent cures of disease of the bones and the best ways of preventing the bone diseases are to maintain the health of the bones. The best way is quitting smoking, alcohol and following a strict healthy diet plan. Always eat healthy food from where you can get an adequate amounts of vitamin D and calcium. Regularly doing exercise is one of the best ways to avoid bone problems. Regular exercise strengthens your bones and keeps them strong and healthy.

Things to remember

Always keep this in mind that there are no cures for various bone problems, but they can be avoided by following a healthy lifestyle. Regularly do exercise, avoid junk food, drink lots of milk, have balance diet rich in calcium and vitamin D.

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