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Herb is plant or a part of plant that due to its magnificent properties like flavour, scent and therapeutic properties is used in various medicinal and cosmetic products. History is full of evidences that plants have long been used for their medicinal and beauty enhancing properties.

Herbal medicines are still a mainstay of about 75-85% of the population of the world. Herbal medicines have also found their place in the market owing to nutraceuticals or health food products.

The popularity of the herbal products is because they have stood the test of time for their safety, effectiveness, cultural acceptability and minor side effects. Also the chemical ingredients used in the products are a part of physiological function of the living organisms and hence they are thought be much more compatible to the human body than other chemical containing drugs and products. Although today modern drugs are sold side-by-side with herbal medicines, still herbal drugs have often retained their recognition due to its historical and cultural reasons. There are various websites where you can place your order to get the herbal product as per your requirement. At Alldaychemist, one can find various health care and beauty products made up of herbal ingredients. Alldaychemist sells products of wide range such as anti hair fall, hair care, skin care, body care products etc. these products are manufactured from the useful medicinal plants or their parts to provide maximum benefit with minimum side-effects.

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