A chalazion cyst appears in the form of a lump in the eyelids, and it is caused by blocked oil gland in the eyelid. The fluid-filled swelling in the eyelid usually about 2-8mm in size. The small lump can develop on either one or both sides of eyelids simultaneously and most commonly on the upper eyelid. The lump is usually not painful but can cause discomfort. Many eyelid cysts will disappear on its own after about a month. If not, you can try eye ointments, prescription medicines are available online to treat chalazion cysts. Consider for generic medicine online.

Treat a Chalazion cyst with home remedies

Here are a few effective home remedies that can provide relief from the pain and inflammation caused by an eyelid cyst:

  • Aloe Vera- An effective treatment for chalazion cyst, AloVera contains inflammatory properties that help to relieve redness, swelling, and inflammation. The antibacterial properties of the green plant help to treat the infection. You can apply fresh Aloe Vera gel directly on the cyst and let it work for about fifteen minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process a few times a day.
  • Mint Leaves- they are the best antiseptic green leaves for chalazion cysts. They soothe the soreness and swelling caused by the eyelid cyst. The following leaves help to deal with itchiness and scratches. Crush some mint leaves and apply on the affected area for five minutes. Then wash it with tap water.
  • Castor Oil- Another effective treatment for chalazion cyst. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil help to reduce inflammation and pain occurring from the cysts. Apply it on the affected area and leave it for fifteen minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat the process thrice a day to get rid of the eyelid cyst.
  • Warm compress- It is considered the most helpful remedy when it comes to treating an eyelid cyst at home. The heat produced by the warm compress boosts the drainage of the gland and enhance blood circulation to the affected area. Warm compress is also a great idea to reduce pain and swelling associated with the cyst. Dip a cotton cloth in warm water and remove the excess water and place it on the eyelid cyst for about five minutes. Repeat the process thrice a day to get complete relief from the problem.

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  • Green Tea Bags- A popular remedy to treat eyelid cyst. Green tea is also believed to reduce pain and inflammation. It also reduces the size of the cyst, making it smaller and less visible. The tea contains tannic acid, which is thought to keep the infection away. Apply a green tea bag for at least ten minutes. Make sure you squeeze out the excess water. Follow procedure 4 to 5 times a day to get relief.
  • Bitter Gourd- the green vegetable is known to have detoxifying properties which help to deal with chalazion cyst. Eating bitter gourd helps in cleaning of the skin from inside. You can also place a slice of it on the cyst to get rid of an eyelid cyst. Drinking its juice on an empty stomach can also provide relief.
  • Tea Tree Oil- Studies suggest that an eyelid scrub made from 50% tea tree oil can help stop the recurrence of eyelid cysts. Always apply to dilute tea tree oil on your skin, especially around the eyes. A mixture of 50% water and 50% tea tree oil is absolutely safe for an eyelid wash, but be careful, avoid the solution to get into your eyes.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements- These essential fatty acids can have a great impact on one’s eye health. A research study showed that taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements can lead to fewer eyelid problems.

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Asthma is a leading chronic inflammatory disease among children and adults in most industrialized countries. If you have an elderly family member or friend with asthma, you may know a lot about this lung condition already. You might know that asthma constricts the airways in lungs that help to pass air in the lungs, making it difficult to breathe.  Asthma cases can be mild, severe, or anywhere in between. The constriction of airways can develop in childhood and persist into adulthood. Sometimes it can develop during adulthood; in this case, the condition can be called asthma. Both the conditions are same, but acts differently and require different management depending on the age of asthma patients.

Types Of Asthma And The Prevalence

You might know the trick to handle asthma in your aging loved one, and what can trigger an attack, but there is one thing that you don’t know.

As mentioned above childhood asthma and adult-onset asthma are two types of asthma. Since asthma is mostly thought to begin in childhood, people may not expect that one can develop breathing difficulties due to asthma as an adult also. However, data suggest that out of the over 25 million people in the USA that have this lung disease, only 8 million are children. But adults can also easily be diagnosed with asthma as children, and it is believed that adults are more likely to have asthma after the age of 50 years.

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Similar Aspects Of Childhood And Adult Asthma  

Children and adults develop many of the same symptoms of asthma, including frequent coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, especially when exhaling, and congestion. Some people also report having a feeling of anxiousness when their airways become inflamed, making it difficult to breathe. Adults and children also have many of the same triggers that can give rise to an asthma attack. These include dust, pet dander, pollen, smoke, mold, exercise, cold temperatures, respiratory infections, cockroaches. Another common thing between adult and childhood asthma is that the condition is not always recognized as asthma. Identifying the symptoms of asthma, especially in children can be a tough job. Little ones have very small bronchial tubes, and a respiratory infection like cold and flu can affect those tiny bronchioles and cause them to irritate. If these symptoms recur often, then it could be an indication of asthma, especially in case of the history of allergies in the family.

Many adults thought of these symptoms as a sign of allergies, the annoying flu that they are not able to get rid of it. They don’t even have an idea that they could have asthma even at this age.

Dissimilarities Between Adult And Childhood Asthma

One of the biggest differences between adult and childhood asthma is the frequency of symptoms that they experience. Many children with asthma experience intermittent, episodic symptoms as a response to an upper respiratory tract infection, or there may be mother triggers that can initiate an asthma episode. In both, the case, what’s important are the correct diagnoses of asthma and an appropriate course of treatment. You can buy asthma medication online to save time and money. is selling asthma products online at very low price. The main aim is to control symptoms, especially when it comes to treating children because asthma can damage to a child’s developing lungs, and may increase the chances of serious complications associated with the lung disorder as he/she ages. On the other hand, adults with severe asthma symptoms are not under control are at high risk of experiencing a lung infection as they age.

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foods for acne

When it comes to acne formation, people believe that chocolate and fried foods are the main culprits. If you too think the same, then it is finally time to change your thought. This is actually the biggest myth about acne, and the only thing these foods can actually do is raise blood cholesterol levels.

What Causes Acne?

Hormonal changes can majorly contribute to acne formation. Stress and poor lifestyle can also have a great impact on acne production, so it is important to learn stress management techniques and incorporate into your daily routine to avoid breakouts. But you may be thinking why many times these annoying zits manage to pop even when everything is going well, and you are happy? According to experts, stress is not always the main contributing factor, rather change in eating habits, sleeping routine or even not taking proper skin care can give rise to acne formation. In addition to the expert suggestion, physical and psychological stress are the two types of stress can be the reason behind the changes in the appearance of your facial skin. When you are stressed, your body releases a stress hormone called cortisol, which can cause an acne breakout. A poor diet can also have a great impact  on the quality of our skin. Foods that tend to increase blood sugar levels, which force our body to produce extra insulin hormones, which in turn increase the production of stress  hormones. To be on the safe side, make sure that you are eating a healthy diet irrespective of the seasons. You have skin as the largest organ in your body. Hydrate your body by drinking enough water. Many people do not drink water in the winter season as much as their body requires which can be an obvious reason for acne breakouts. In severe cases, one can buy acne products online to control the condition. You may get the best acne medication online from

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What Helps Acne?

Are there certain foods that can protect yours from acne? The answer is yes! Based on research, we have accumulated some foods that may help to prevent frequent acne breakouts or to get rid of acne:

  • Fatty Fish- Tuna, salmon, and sardines are all good pic when your body needs omega 3 fatty acids. Eating these essential fatty acids can help reduce inflammation and acne breakouts. These healthy fatty acids are known as the building blocks our body cells. They support our skin to make new healthy cells and improve the skin’s appearance. There is evidence that shows fish oil improves the complexion of people with moderate to severe acne by controlling the inflammation.
  • Cashews- Research studies link the deficiency of zinc with acne formation. Cashews are a good source of zinc, which has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. So a handful of cashew is necessary for the reduction of acne. Other sources of zinc are lobster, oysters, and beef.
  • Avocados- Rich in vitamin E, avocado is not just a tasty green fruit, but can also increase your skin’s vitality. It also contains vitamin C which reduces skin inflammation moisturizes the skin.
  • Fennel- By eating fennel, you can naturally cleanse your skin. It can improve digestion and allow toxins to flush out of the body, making your skin clean and healthy.
  • Red Grapes- These are the great source of powerful antioxidants. Both the fruit and the seed have been shown to reduce the severity of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Grapes can also be helpful in controlling the side effects of allergic reactions on the skin
  • Garlic- Another food to be added to the list of foods that helps prevent acne. It contains allicin, a chemical that helps destroy harmful bacteria and viruses in the body.


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eyelash serum

Every woman wants longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. This empowering demand from market research drove manufacturers to bring eyelash serums to market. Some products, such as Careprost eyelash enhancer serum show significant changes to lash length, thickness, and darkness within sixteen weeks of use. But many other eyelash serums that claim to promote eyelash growth would actually cause more harm than good.

Choose a quality lash serum

Eyelash loss is a serious issue, and it can destroy your facial aesthetics. If you lose more than 4 to 5 lashes per day, it is the right time to take action against the falling of lashes. Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and start using a quality eyelash growth serum.

It is perfectly normal to lose one to two lashes every day, however, if the number increases to 4 to 5 indicates to health problems. Moreover, it takes about three to four months for the re-growth of eyelashes naturally.

Side Effects of Eyelash Enhancers

Itching or eye redness is the most common side effects of eyelash enhancer serums. More rare ones include dryness, irritation, darkening of the eyelids. Some lash growth enhancement products can permanently damage, the amount of brown pigmentation in the iris.

What’s on the market for eyelash growth?

Quick research reveals a number of eyelash serum products available on the online market. These products have become increasingly popular because of their promise to turn sparse and brittle eyelashes into long and luscious ones by the simple process of applying serums to the lash line. However, the process sound quite convenient, it is important to be knowledgeable of the side effects that cause these products to be less effective.

Almost all of them are expensive and do not possess a positive effect on the growth of eyelashes. Beyond careprost, there are plenty of other eyelash enhancement products are available online, at the cosmetic counters or online drug store. But do they actually work to enhance the appearance of lashes? When it comes to eyelash serums, most of the product is not effective with only a few exceptions, one of which is Careprost eyelash growth serum 0.003%. The rest of the products on the market claiming longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes are unlikely to work. Most of the cosmetic products claiming to promote eyelash growth typically don’t work. They are marketed with natural ingredients and strengthening agents which may sound great, but actually, do not do anything to stimulate lash growth.

The Careprost Effect

Careprost is a product specifically made to treat people with hypotrichosis (the condition of having inadequate or sparse eyelashes). The main active ingredient is a chemical known as prostaglandin, Bimatoprost which works to grow eyelashes. If used properly the product promise to give your eyelashes that are longer, darker, and thicker. This product should be used along with the guidance from your dermatologist. Bimatoprost eyelash serum is easily accessible on websites like at an affordable price.


Teenage and bad skin seem to go hand in hand. Increased hormones due to puberty are believed to be the main cause of breakouts, but you don’t have to give up yourself to bad skin for the duration of puberty, there are ways to lessen the breakouts.

Just think when your appearance becomes so important, and you want to look your best, acne begins. Some teenagers are unaware of the teen acne problems; However, for some teens, this especially visible skin can be upsetting and disturbing. If you are a teen and seems upset by your skin problem, here’s how you can get rid of them:

  • Take your problem seriously- Your family members and friends might have told you that blackheads, whiteheads, pimples, and other blemishes will eventually clear on their own, which may do more harm than good. While waiting for acne to disappear on their own, the self-esteem of a teen could hurt. According to research studies, having acne tends to lower self-esteem. Children with acne breakouts are often bullied by their classmates, which can lower self-esteem. Research studies revealed that self-esteem rises when skin problems like and pimple clears. Dermatological treatment can help clear acne. Treatment can also prevent worsening of acne. In some cases, acne becomes severe without treatment. Severe acne can leave behind permanent scars behind.
  • Remember to use acne treatment at the time of breakout- To help control your acne, you may have to use the acne treatment that best suits you. Buy acne products online to help achieve control over acne breakouts. A dermatologist’s appointment may help you identify the best treatment for your acne. He/she will prescribe you a medication after evaluating your problem. Buy best acne medication online from Studies revealed that most people, including teenagers, are more likely to follow a treatment plan after an appointment.
  • Improve diet- Researchers believed that foods containing trans and saturated fats give rise to breakouts in skin prone to acne. Sometimes excessive food consumption and a diet high in calories cause more production of acne-causing hormone and therefore more acne breakouts. Scientists believed that an improved diet could improve hormonal acne prone skin and reduce excess, oil production. An anti-acne diet high in protein and low in saturated fat can significantly reduce the effect of the hormone, and lessen excess oil and the appearance of acne on the skin.

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  • Try to manage stress- There is not too you can do about your fluctuating hormone levels, you can give your best to reduce levels of stress in your teen life. Relax and do something that you enjoy, whether that’s reading, going for a walk, playing a video game, or listening to music. Kids of today’s generation are under more pressure than ever, and managing stress not only helps to improve their skin but also has a positive impact on your overall health. Managing stress is also good for teens growth and wellbeing.
  • Need to have good hygiene- There are some basic hygiene tips that every individual, especially teens should follow to keep acne at bay: Dealing with teen acne begins with an effective skin care routine, and this is not as complicated as some people think. A good skin care routine requires four products, a cleanser, a leave on exfoliant, that contains salicylic peroxide, a skin care product that has benzoyl peroxide, and light but broad-spectrum sunscreen for daytime.
  1. Wash your face gently with a medicated cleanser. Remember to wash after a vigorous sport or a hot day.
  2. Use a mild toner with antibacterial and balancing properties after washing your face with a cleanser.
  3. Follow your skin care routine with an anti-acne lotion with anti-bacterial properties.
  4. To treat body acne, use a medicated body wash while bathing. Choose to wear loose clothing.
  5. A deep cleansing mask can also help to reduce your acne. Applying a mask once a week may help reduce the extra buildup of oil from the skin.

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lose weight

Almost all of us aware of the fact that weight management depends on two main factors which include diet and exercise. Many of us can’t exercise, we immediately have a thought of cutting down on food intake, which is not always considered a good idea. Research studies revealed that Weight loss is 80%, while 20% exercise which means we could be sweating in the gym every day, but poor eating habits may undo all that hard work. Therefore, we should focus more on our diet, what we eat on a regular basis, what are our food choices, and how we eat rather than starving ourselves just to lose some extra pounds. A wide range of weight loss products are available at online pharmacies. You can pick appropriate weight loss products online from trusted brands at

Weight loss can be a pain for many people. They believe that to lose extra pounds, you must be starving yourself. This is the reason many people think twice some are even afraid to set weight loss goals because the thought of being hungry frustrates them. Therefore, a lot of people prefer staying away from weight loss diets. Here are a few tips to achieving your weight loss goals without starving yourself:

  • Balance your meals- You need a balance in almost every field of life, whether it’s your professional, personal life, or your diet plan. Having a balanced diet is a key to a healthy body. If you are having a heavy lunch, then eat less during your dinner time. If you didn’t get the time to have lunch, then serve more in your dinner plate and prefer eating this dinner as early as possible before you sleep. Balancing out meals is the best way to prevent yourself from overeating.
  • Decrease the portion size- Server more, but in a small plate. This might sound weird, but the trick has shown to help with metabolism and reduce cravings. If possible, prefer serving five to seven small meals per day for an active metabolism throughout the day. Many people find difficulty in preparing these meals as they think they need to cook much to prepare meals. However, the good thing is that the meals can be repeated and you only need to prepare them once and then divide into two or three meals.
  • Fill up on proteins– Many people have complained of food craving during their dieting period. Having a protein rich diet can help you keep fuller from much more time and reduces the cravings. Prefer eating a protein-rich diet that contains whole wheat cereal, and low-fat milk, or yogurt with berries. Try to balance carbohydrates with proteins by picking more green vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and whole grains.

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  • Make a habit of adjusting ingredient in your recipe- Be more flexible about your meals and potions. While cooking, learn to adjust the ingredients appropriately. Like if you have to use olive oil, use it sparingly. Cut down on sugar, salt, and A lot of sodium can damage your body. Choose to eat whole grain food instead of refined grains such as multigrain bread instead of white bread, and replaces the brown rice with white rice. Choose substitute ingredients and make healthier alternatives.
  • Take some time for physical activities- Although diet makes up 80 %, the remaining 20% is important too for a successive weight loss management. A healthy lifestyle includes a healthy diet, and a regular exercise, at least twice a week. You should have the aim to involve some sort of physical activity for about two hours per week, and this is up to you how you will manage these two hours. You can divide the time into a manageable session of 20 minutes per day. The best time to exercise varies from one person to another. Some like to refresh out in the morning before breakfast. While others prefer doing night workout to have a good sleep, choose the time when you enjoy the most. Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise regime, you can also buy weight loss products online for weight management.