Know about Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Using medications to treat substance abusers has its critics, but in several cases, they’ve been effective.  Roughly eight million people in the United States currently meet the diagnostic criteria for alcohol dependence and another six million or more meet the criteria for alcohol abuse. Continue Reading

Effects of drug on our body

You may have heard how alcohol and illicit drugs affect our body and are causing a lot of health hazards but, the problem is much more serious in nature than it seems to be. It’s a need of the hour to understand how to embrace alcohol withdrawal before it’s too late to control the condition. Continue Reading

Best ways to cure hangover

Many of you might be among those people who shamelessly get drowned in the frantic drinks and then get up in the morning with pounding head and the restless body pain. Such people surely need to know the best hangover cures to feel free from the guilt of overindulgence.

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Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and Tumblr have revolutionized the world and provide a platform to every person to meet with other people on the Internet. Some people use these networking sites as mediator for meeting new friends, finding old friends, or locating people who have the same interests as they have, called niche networking.  Continue Reading

binge drinking The recent times have witnessed an unprecedented rise in pressure on teenagers to abuse alcohol or engage in binge drinking. Of all the sources, social media sites such as Facebook has become one of the major factor which encourages teenagers to drink, or engage in risky behavior. One of the reasons behind such motivations is an online game known as NekNomination. This game involves young people nominating each other to consume strong beverages and post videos of the act on YouTube. NekNomination has been blamed for a number of deaths; with its popularity it has escalated to a point where drinking of spirit-based beverages involves mixed drugs or chemicals.

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Prescription Drugs If you know someone who isn’t taking their prescription medicines as recommended by the doctor, chances are they might be involved in prescription drug abuse. When someone does not take their prescription drugs properly, or takes someone else’s prescription medicines, it is known as prescription drug abuse. The Drug Enforcement Administration categorizes certain medicines as controlled substances, and anyone who indulges in the improper use or abuse of such medicines is at a risk of being addicted to it.

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Alcohol Memories Memorial day is here and so is summer. People living in areas with four seasons must be finally coming out of hibernation. Soon, it will be the time to experience small tastes of the sun, heat and outdoor activities and even cherish the memories of past drinking. Most people get cravings for alcohol, and these may come in varying forms. It has been observed that sober individuals think of these cravings as a feeling or physiological sensation. However, the most dangerous cravings are the subtle ones that hide in memories of the past, ones associated with social success or those that have a romantic story attached to them. People with alcoholic minds tend to hold on to their good old days and try to relive happy memories, and even try to forget the negative ones. Even though their thoughts are very subtle, their conversations may include past events, good times, vacations, parties, smelling a certain beverage, seeing pictures or any such random things.

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Drinking Wine Are you tired of fruit juices, smoothie recipes and vegetable soups? We all aim to stay healthy, look young and be fit. But you don’t have to fret over maintaining good health. We have some good news for you. You can go to your kitchen, pull a chair for yourself, sit back and sip your favorite wine, because we are going to discuss the great health benefits of red wine. While too much alcohol is hazardous to health, consuming red wine in moderate amounts is very beneficial. In this article, we will discuss moderate wine drinking and understand why it is good for our health.

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