curable cancers

When you have heard those dreaded words “You have cancer” from your doctor’s mouth that moment can be earth-shattering. With that, you started thinking of all those radiation, chemotherapy and drug treatments that change your life completely. Continue Reading

breast cancer

Not everyone with breast cancer will have symptoms before they are diagnosed. But according to clinical experts, there are numerous ways in which breast cancer symptoms can come up, and regular screening and check-ups are required to stop the progression of cancer. Continue Reading

Immunotherapy for Cancer: A Novel Approach

Scientists are working on body’s defense system to fight cancer for last 100 years, but the progress in this field has been exciting in the last few decades, producing discoveries with promising results. Immunotherapy is a new approach to cancer treatment which aims to unmask the life-threatening disease. It stimulates a patient’s immune system to target and then kills cancer cells. Continue Reading

Foods for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients are advised to eat a balanced diet rich in nutrients that can help them stay strong and healthy. Eating the right kind of food during and after the treatment for cancer help you feel better and stay stronger. Continue Reading