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When you think about improving your sex life, cosmopolitan articles, and books based on sexual health likely flash through your mind. But still, they didn’t get the right idea to follow a healthy sexual life. For such people, we bring you with some science-backed suggestions lifestyle adjustments, and benefits of yoga that can have a just as big effect on your sexual life as anything written in a book.

The following suggestions will spice things up with your partner and improve your sexual life. Consider these things, year’s findings from sexual health professionals. Here’s what science says you should focus on improving sex life:

  • Consider some erotic fiction- There are so many ways you and your partner can turn in on. Reading erotic fiction is one of the oldest and effective natural ways to get in the mood for sex. Reading in a calm environment and allows you to concentrate on your body and keep you away from external distractions. The stories are not only for entertainment purpose but also provide you with some good ideas for what you and your partner can get up to. One can also try mood, including activities such as erotic massaging, sensual communication, etc.

  • Eat a ton of aphrodisiac foods- Focus on foods that are pleasurable, and sensual to eat like peaches, figs, chocolates, and oysters. These foods are the most famous aphrodisiac and taste good.

  • Pay attention to your body reactions towards birth control– Whether you are using a pill, the patch, or an IUD, putting hormones into your body can decrease your sex drive. While taking birth control pills, consider tracking your arousal levels before taking the pill and then for a few months while taking the pill, and then compare the two. The effects vastly differ in women taking birth control pills. If you are taking the pill for a long time trying to stop it and see if that changes things. But be sure to use another protective measure. One can also talk to their sexual health expert to investigate a copper IUD, which is a very effective birth control measure.

  • Try dealing with your stress- According to clinical studies, stress and anxiety are considered as the biggest sex drive killers. Sexual stimulation is difficult if you are stressed out or depressed. Not getting aroused will stress you more at that time. To get rid of stress and anxiety, you need to make some lifestyle changes. To lead a happy and healthy sex life, you need to create a space in your life for it. It is good to spend 20 minutes of uninterrupted quality time with your partner every day. Avoid checking emails, or Instagram distractions for the time; try to spend electronic free quality time with your better half. This will increase the communication between the two, which help you get stimulated and allow you to leave a healthy sex life. Stress management is the best treatment for ED.

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Benefits of Yoga

Perhaps a lesser-known way to solve sexual issues like erectile dysfunction or ED is yoga. The benefits of yoga are countless. The practice can help the body to relax, which is one of the main factors that support achieving an erection satisfactory for intercourse. This way yoga improves overall cardiovascular health of a man, reducing stress and anxiety. Treatment for ED is necessary so try these seven yoga poses to beat ED:

  1. Plank (kumbhakasana)-One of the most beneficial poses, plank improves endurance during intercourse. You get upper strength as the additional benefit.
  2. Boat pose (Naukasana)- The practice of boat pose activates male sex hormones and help them to stay longer in between the sheets by strengthening the pelvic muscles.
  3. Raised leg pose (uttanpadasana)- Practising this posture strengthen your core muscles and help you last longer in bed, particularly when you opt for the classic missionary position. Raised leg position includes your pelvic area, thus boosting blood flow to the area.
  4. Bow pose (dhanurasana)-Bow pose stimulated reproductive organs. Apart from solving erection issues, bow pose also helps a man with premature ejaculation.
  5. Half-moon pose (ardhachandrasana)-This is extremely beneficial for improving sexual stamina and endurance which are crucial factors for sexual health. The half-moon pose also assists with toning the pelvic area.
  6. Half camel pose (ardhaustrasana)-The pose has a beneficial impact on man’s reproductive system. It improves digestion and helps tone the entire body.
  7. Seated forward bend (pachimottanasana)-This is another, yet effective yoga pose that can combats ED and help a man to last longer in the bedroom. It targets perineal muscles that are present in between scrotum and penis, resulting in improvement and endurance and strength.

Yoga benefits male sexual health. It improves blood flow and strengthens muscles to help you perform better in between the sheets.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence refers to the condition of weak sex drive and it is particularly a problem with men. Those men who suffer from ED remain unable to achieve a strong erection and thereby fail to satisfy their partner in the bed. It is a common cause for male infertility or lower libido in men. Therefore, sexual desire in men is killed. There are millions of cases of ED across the world. Experts recommend some natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Such home treatments are effective as well as affordable.

There are several medicinal options for ED but natural or home solutions are still preferred as they don’t have any side effects as such. Take a look at some of such effective natural treatments for ED.

  1. Healthy Diet:

Diet is the most crucial factor for the treatment of weak sex drive or ED. It is essential to have the right minerals and vitamins for erectile dysfunction treatment. Your diet rich-in effective elements can make a difference in the treatment of ED.  Some particular food items including green vegetables, red meat, wholegrain, fish, carrot, almonds, nuts, and berries play a very important role in improving sex drive.

  1. Arginine:

This element is found in many food products. It has the capacity to relax blood vessels for the treatment of heart problem. Its role in the treatment of ED makes it an obvious choice, as it can boost blood circulation in the penis. You can take L-citrulline to boost the production of arginine to treat male infertility.

  1. Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise plays an important role in the treatment of ED and it does not pose any side effects as well. Besides improving blood circulation, exercise is also helpful in improving overall health. The health benefits of exercise are not unknown and it’s quite effective in boosting sex drive. Take a session of just 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day to elevate your sex drive.

  1. Take food supplements to treat ED:

Along with the exercise, you have to take some particular minerals and vitamins for erectile dysfunction. Some specific elements that include folic acid (Vitamin B12) and B vitamin are effective in the production of nitric oxide which is needed to boost sex drive. Men can naturally elevate their sex performance by taking food items rich in folic acids. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and vitamin D are some other important vitamins that men should consume to boost their sex drive.

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  1. Get rid of overweight to boost sex drive:

Obesity or overweight is a big obstacle in the treatment of male infertility. You have to reduce waistline to fight erectile dysfunction. In other words, weight loss can help you in staying healthy and sexually strong. Overweight poses the risks for various health conditions like vascular disease, asthma, ED and diabetes. Therefore, try to be slim and drop excess of fats to improve your sex life.

  1. Take the help of acupuncture:

Acupuncture is one of the long-used and effective treatments for male infertility. There have been a lot of advancements in this treatment method over many decades. People suffering from weak sex drive can take the help of a licensed acupuncturist who can administer this treatment correctly to boost your sex drive.

drinking water for erectile dysfunction

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erectile dysfunction

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Male Enhancement Products

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When you think about improving your sex life, cosmopolitan articles, and books based on sexual health likely flash through your mind. But still, they didn’t get the right idea to follow a healthy sexual life. For such people, we bring some science-backed suggestions and lifestyle adjustments can have a just as big effect on your sexual life as anything written in a book. Continue Reading