How to Get Harder Erections

Every man wants harder erection that not only make him feel satisfied about his body functions, but also satisfies his lover. The quality of erection often becomes a concern for several men. Continue Reading

precautions to avoid pregnancy

Pregnancy is a major event in the life of a person and therefore, it should be a well-planned step. You will be entirely responsible for the person all your life so if you are not ready emotionally, and financially, it is best to take the precautions to avoid pregnancy till you are ready.

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birth control pills

Birth control pills also known as oral contraceptives are a kind of female hormonal birth control methods. Women use this pill once a day to prevent pregnancy; however there are several side effects of birth control pills.

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sex on the skin

Sex is an ultimate beauty enhancer; it is one of the easiest and the healthiest way to get those rosy cheeks and clear, sparkling skin. Sex is the answer to many beauty ailments like acne. There is a huge effect of sex on the skin. So, here is the guide you on how sex can make you look beautiful.

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protect your erection

Whether the reason of impotence is psychological or physiological, both the patient and his partner habitually experience a variety of extreme emotions and feelings. Any of these feelings can bring about a sense of lower self-esteem, so treatment of any sexual dysfunction is very necessary. Continue Reading

Take Drugs For Erectile dysfunction(ED) as prescribed!

ED drugs are now like a windfall for the people having erectile dysfunction. By using ED drugs, you can reclaim your sexual pleasure.Physical intimacy is very necessary for the human bonding. Some of us are unable to enjoy the golden moments because of sexual dysfunctions in either of the partners.Erectile dysfunction(ED) is one of them that is the inability of the males to get or maintain a penile erection during intercourse. ED may be due to age, psychological or health problems. The ED drugs in the market are now a means to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction. Few FDA approved ED drugs name is as below. Continue Reading

Ways to Combat the Issue of Infertility

Procreation is among the primary characteristics of human beings. Fertility is a natural capability to produce offspring. All married couples want a baby sooner or later. But there are times when a woman is unable to conceive even after regular sexual intercourse over a period. This situation leads to infertility issues. Seeking professional medical help becomes necessary for proper treatment. Here we will look at the major causes and treatment of infertility.  Continue Reading