honey Asthma

Asthma is one of the bad health complications that commonly affect both men and women. The condition can either by medications such as asthalin hfa inhaler or through natural treatment. Honey is considered to be the best natural source to reduce asthma symptoms. Continue Reading


When you find yourself trouble breathing because of asthma, you reach for your prescribed inhaler {Asthalin HFA Inhaler – 100 mcg (200 MDI)} to get your breath back. An asthma attack can occur at any time, which may put you in an uncomfortable situation. People around you start asking questions and giving you unnecessary advice based on misconceptions about your health condition. Continue Reading

Ashalin HFA Inhaler ADC

Asthma is a respiratory or breathing problem that has become a common health condition worldwide. There are millions of people suffering from this condition. Usually, we tend to ignore a respiratory problem in initial phase but it can be dangerous to the airways in the end. Many experts recommend Asthalin HFA Inhaler to ease this condition or improve breathing. The maker of this inhaler, Cipla Ltd. claims that this respiratory medicine is safe, effective and affordable. It is a generic medicine and can be used under prescription. Continue Reading

Allergic Asthma Triggers You Must Look Out For

Asthma is a chronic illness which causes inflammation and narrowing of the bronchial tubes, the passageways that allow air to enter and leave the lungs. People with asthma are exposed to a substance to which they are sensitive or situation that changes their regular breathing patterns, the symptoms can become more severe. The substances which trigger allergic asthma can be any type of allergens. Symptoms of asthma are as follows: Continue Reading

5 Home Remedies to Control Symptoms of Asthma

Home remedies are not often discussed with health care specialists, but it is widely used these days, especially for people with chronic diseases like asthma. A natural therapy is a good choice for people who fear the adverse effects of steroids and other common asthma medications. Such people practices more natural ways to cure asthma. Continue Reading

The Important Daily Asthma Action Plan for Adults

Maintaining good day-to-day asthma control is the key to keeping symptoms at bay and preventing asthma attacks. Having a written asthma action plan makes it better for you to check if your asthma is under control and it also keeps you updated regarding what steps to take when it isn’t. Using an asthma action plan is especially important if you have moderate to severe asthma or you’ve had a serious asthma attack in the past. Continue Reading