Reduce your alcohol intake

Do you wonder if your drinking is out of hand or maybe you have been drinking for a very long time? Having realized that, now do you want to cut down your alcohol intake? Reducing your alcohol intake will give you loads of feel-good benefits. Read to know more about the negative effects and the side effects of alcohol.

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Foods That Trigger Migraine

What is migraine?

Migraine is caused by the constricting and dilating of blood vessels on one side of the brain. A migraine attack with throbbing headache on one side of the head may last up to two days.

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Treatment For Asthma

Recently, it has been observed that the most chronic disease, Asthma affects about 40 million Americans including people of all ages. It can easily be controlled by using drugs, but the average prescription medicines in the United States are priced quite expensively. These high priced asthma medications are contributing heavily to the general health costs of American people. Continue Reading

Healthy Slimming Strategies

Lately, maintaining weight has become very tough due to the current eat-and-run methods that people are using. There have been instances where people have tried losing weight quickly and have failed, causing them to believe that diets don’t work for them.  Continue Reading

benefits of quitting

Tobacco cravings or the urge to smoke can be powerful. However, you don’t have to be at the mercy of these tobacco cravings. The moment the urge to use tobacco strikes, remember that it will be short-lived and it probably will pass within a few minutes. If quitting cigarettes is difficult, you can also take smoking cessation aids to feel better. Understand the effects of smoking and take that first step to resist a tobacco craving.

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protect your eyes

Eyes are the most beautiful feature of your face, and so it is prudent to keep them away from any kind of eye problems. So, the question arises, what measures need to be taken for total eye care and which eye care products need to be opted? The World Sight Day, 10th October, is right around the corner so let’s celebrate by ensuring that we follow the natural tips that will aid in eye care. Here, we present some eye care tips to make eye problems disappear.

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Damage to Your Teeth

Your teeth are a complex system that you rely on extensively throughout the day. Be it flashing a pretty smile or enjoying a meal, you need a healthy set of teeth. Taking care of your oral hygiene starts with keeping the bacteria and plaque away from your mouth so that you don’t erode the tooth enamel.

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