How To Prevent And Treat Cold?

No one has the time or the inclination to put up with a hacking cough or aching muscles for long. Staying in bed becomes the only option when the dreaded lurgy strikes.

Prevent And Treat Cold

What Really Causes Colds?

The average adult has between one and six colds a year. The main reason for colds are the innumerable viruses, with the majority of them being from the rhinovirus family. These viruses have horns and charge other viruses, when observed under an electron microscope. The name of the virus comes from the Greek word for nose. These viruses are known to spread when the person infected touches anything. This is why they are highly contagious and it has been seen that most members of the family get infected with colds around the same time.

How to cure cough and colds?

As opposed to many other ailments, common cold tends to get cured automatically after sometime. This is because the body starts to fight off cold viruses thus completely curing the person. Even though the body doesn’t need special treatment for curing cold but they surely do help in treating its symptoms. A study has shown that zinc lozenge can decrease the rate of infections caused by cold viruses. It is also thought that Vitamin C and Echinacea makes colds go away.

How to treat cold?

When it comes to curing colds, it becomes necessary to reduce the symptoms of colds. Here, some quick tips are provided that can prove helpful to those who have got infected with cold.

Take utmost care: It is essential to get rest and eat proper food when infected with cold virus. The body works continuously to fight against these viruses and so it is necessary to give it time to do so. The best bet would be to lie in bed all day and let the body fight against the cold causing viruses.

treat cold

Treat Symptoms: There are many medications available for cold and cough that include decongestants, cough medications, pain and fever reducers and so on. One can order for these medicines from the convenience of their home by browsing through online chemist stores. So, check the labels of the medications and pick them up based on whether they match the symptoms of the infection.

Moisturize: A nasal spray or a humidifier helps to clear out the mucous from the nose. This will loosen the mucous due to which bacterial infection like sinus or ear infection is not caused.

When to worry about cold?

Even though common colds are nothing to worry about, it is possible that the infections can become more aggravating. The most common infections caused by colds are ear and sinus infections which need to be treated using proper antibiotics. So, it is preferable to go to a doctor if the cold and cough is existing more than it should.

Myths related to common colds

There are many misconceptions associated with common cold. Some of these have been listed below.

  • A person cannot get cold simply by going to bed or going outside without a jacket. Similarly, one cannot get cold only because they have let their feet get cold.
  • It is usually advised not to eat much when one gets cold and to eat more on getting fever. This is just a myth and one needs to consume healthy food at all times.
  • Drinking more fluids doesn’t help much for curing cold and cough. So, just drink enough liquids that will help in avoiding dehydration.
  • Mucous turning green doesn’t mean that cold has become a serious issue. It usually turns green in most colds.
  • Bronchitis is nothing but loose cough which is viral like most colds. Doctors use this term to describe inflammation in the airways that lead to the lungs.

It is necessary to consult a doctor before using any medications to treat cold and cough. Treat colds without delay. Colds generally begin as a result of weak immunity and do not contribute to the strengthening of the body.

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