Spirituality and Family Health Ash Friday and the following 40-day Lent signifies the most spiritual period of the Christian calendar where believers are motivated to open up to the teachings of the Bible. Lent also brings with itself some fair share of, dare I say suffering, in the form of a vegetarian diet, prayers, and repentance. However, many people fail to see the spiritual benefits Lent has to offer. We may not be able to bribe God with our prayers or repentance, but Lent provides you with an opportunity to explore your spiritual dimension.


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Erectile Dysfunction

Use Suhagra to treat erectile dysfunction

Smoking, drinking, prescription or self-medication have become part of our modern lifestyle. It has been observed that excessive intake of such medicines is one of the leading causes of sexual dysfunction. The side effects of medications, including some antidepressant drugs, affects sexual desire and function. Male sexual dysfunction is one of the most common health problems affecting men and becomes more common as men age. The most common problems related to sexual dysfunction in men include ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction and inhibited sexual desire.

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World Oral Health day Everybody loves a beautiful smile. A simple cute smile can be the spark that lights up your day. Such a powerful tool needs proper care for maintaining its longevity. That is why we have the world oral health day to spread awareness of proper dental care so you can keep those chompers running right through old age. Held on the 20th of March every year, this year the campaign carries the slogan ‘celebrating healthy smiles’. The idea was to protect the teeth and mouth of the population throughout their lives. With this agenda we need to look at some lifestyle changes that we can adopt so we can maintain a good standard of oral health throughout our lives.

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Migraine is a debilitating neurological disease that can wreak your normal life. The recurring and throbbing migraine headaches make it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks. You start contemplating what to do when you get migraine at work. Migraine is a neurological disease that makes it difficult to manage a full-time job. Most people ignore the symptoms of migraine saying that it is just a bad headache. However, it is necessary to follow some migraine relief tips that can help you to get rid of the throbbing headaches.

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Burn Calories

The summer is approaching! That means it’s time to get those bikinis out and hit the beach. The only problem: you don’t have the body! Going to the gym every day is not everybody’s cup of tea. Therefore, burning off those extra calories in such a short time hanging is not going to be an easy task. You can use the following tips to burn more calories complementing you weight loss program. Burn Calories

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Flawless Skin foods

There are many foods available for beautiful skin and certain foods have ingredients that help keep the skin supple, and also help fight age-related damage. Read the following to learn more about a beautiful-skin diet and also try these 5 beauty foods for a natural glow and radiance. Continue Reading

Women’s day resolution

We have moved a long way from seeing ourselves as someone who just looks after husbands, children, or family. Today, women account for one of the leading members of national, ethnic, cultural, and political leaders. Having proved our mettle in handling personal and professional arena’s, we have however ignored our health. Our achievements have been overshadowed by our health concerns which are in almost all the cases overlooked. I searched the net around for some tips and after having spent hours on the internet, I have condensed the information to a small list of 9 easy tips on leading a healthy lifestyle.  Continue Reading

Natural Remedies to Ease Back Pain

Whether it was due sitting for hours in front of the computer screen or following strict gym training, most of you must be familiar with a backache. Back pain can occur at any time following such stressful activities. Your back pain may be an after effect of a medical condition such as damage to the ligaments or muscle of your back due to an injury or health complication. Back pain is observed to be more common in ageing people. Are you among those who are suffering from back pain? And looking for some natural and simple ways to treat it? Well, if it is so, you have turned on to the right page. Read further and learn more about back pain and back pain remedies.

Other than cold and flu, the most common reason to visit a doctor is back problems. An occasional back problem can incur for reasons like having a bad posture or due to slight sprain. However, if it is constant or occurs occasionally, then treatment for back pain should be in order. For all those ‘how to cures back pain’ queries, we present to you five back pain remedies to get good riddance to your back woes. While they all work miraculously for mild back pain, some are also known to help ease moderate to extreme back problems.
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