This Women’s day resolution: Lead a healthy life

We have moved a long way from seeing ourselves as someone who just looks after husbands, children, or family. Today, women account for one of the leading members of national, ethnic, cultural, and political leaders. Having proved our mettle in handling personal and professional arena’s, we have however ignored our health. Our achievements have been overshadowed by our health concerns which are in almost all the cases overlooked. I searched the net around for some tips and after having spent hours on the internet, I have condensed the information to a small list of 9 easy tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Women’s day resolution

Stay active at work

Studies have shown that sitting all day can be a health risk. Long working hours and desk jobs are leading to a sedentary life. It will be a good idea to take regular breaks in office for short walks, or do calf raises when waiting at the coffee machine or the copier, and whenever possible use the staircase instead of elevator.

Healthy snacking

If research carried out by the NPD groups SnackTrack is to be believed, American Women snack more than men. Most of these snacks are not healthy, as we all know, our snacking preferences are not driven by our health conscious. Women in general receive most of thier nutrients from snacks. So the next time you crave for that cheesy snack, evaluate your health options against replacing it with a fresh fruit.

Get adequate exercise

The last time I signed up at the local gym, I was more worried about hiding my jigging cellulite. The concerns about how I looked overshadowed the health advantages I was to benefit from working out on those elliptical machines. But, I found solace in running. It is important that you understand which exercise is beneficial for you and most importantly comfortable. If you are not comfortable with your exercise, you will not benefit from it. Just like I found my love in running, you too can go out there and discover the exercise which is made for you.

Eat a good breakfast

A healthy breakfast will help you set the tone for the rest of the day. It will reuel your body with essential nutrients while giving the motivation, energy, and the concentration power to take on the challenges at work.

benefits of drinking waterDrink plenty of water

Drink enough water to keep your body hydrated. While the myth of drinking 8 glasses of water has been quite successful, you know your body’s need to intake enough water for the day.

Weight and diet plans

While I agree that working women are prone to weight gain, I’m completely against the idea of starving my body to lose that weight. Skipping meals motivates the body to store fat, making us look flabby. A good weight loss plan is to compliment your exercise plan with a supportive diet plan. This will help you to compensate for the loss of fat with essential vitamins.

Measure your heart rate

Your heart rate is the perfect measure of how fit you are. The best time to measure heart rate (with a heart meter) is when you wake up. Your heart rate will help you identify whether you are over training at the gym or simply unwell.

Don’t ditch those carbs

Carbohydrates are very important to our bodies, no matter what diet guru’s say about low-carb diet. Our body’s 65% energy needs are fulfilled by carbohydrates. You can supplement your body with necessary carbohydrates by having plenty of milk, yogurt, and starchy food.

While most experts believe that we can get all the nutrition our body needs through whole meals. Sadly in today’s fast paced life, it is difficult to ensure that we cook and have whole meals when we have heaps of work and meetings lined up. Its a good idea to supplement this deficiency of nutrients with proper supplements. AllDayChemist recognizes this need and has a dedicated category for Women’s health. Explore the wide range of supplementary tablets available with AllDayChemist.

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