Allergy Survival Guide

For certain individuals, allergies are inevitable. After a massive sneeze when someone exclaims. This is the worst allergy season ever they are actually right. The truth is that the pollen levels are on the rise. The pollen seasons are getting longer and hence more and more people are developing allergies. The haywire seasonal changes and extreme climate only adds to the allergy woes. Continue Reading

Do’s and Don’ts For Oily Skin

Along with oily skin comes several other issues that are difficult to take care. Some of these include acne, pigmentation and blotchy patches. It is therefore essential to get rid of oily skin without over-drying your face. Continue Reading


Your love-hate relation with alcohol is an on going-affair. First, you were into partying every night. Then you realized the futility of it all and restricted the partying to just weekends. The Monday hangover: you accepted it as part and parcel of your living. But then there are some myths and theories that don’t support the voice in your head telling you to not drink too much. These myths about alcohol should be busted soon. We have attempted a list of alcohol myths and facts for the very reason: Continue Reading

symptoms of heart attack

February is the American Heart Month during which families and health professionals can work together to fight against heart diseases and stroke. This is the precise time to spread awareness about preventing heart disease and encouraging people to opt for a heart healthy lifestyle. As per the statistics, the main reason of death among men and women residing in the United States is heart disease. However, making healthy choices and managing health conditions can help people prevent it. This February raise awareness about heart disease and spread knowledge about how to stay healthy. People have a tendency to get a false sense of security about the risk revolving around heart attack and stroke. Let’s check out the different ways for preventing heart diseases including heart attack and stroke. Continue Reading

symptom of Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is considered good for health as it is known to increase blood circulation, reduce depression, soothe chronic pain and maintain the joys of living. Men who face sexual problems may experience symptoms such as low libido, erectile dysfunction, genital infection or sexual pain. Many serious health problems like diabetes or heart diseases can cause these symptoms. Continue Reading

avoid teenage pregnancy

World pregnancy awareness and condom awareness week is celebrated from 10th to 16th February every year. This week signifies how to avoid pregnancy and impart knowledge about using condoms. As the second week of February draws near, it is worth thinking whether everybody has information about pregnancy and the use of condoms. The celebration marks the effort put in to strengthen pregnancy education and to raise awareness about the importance of using condoms. It is the best time to educate young adults of the serious risks of unprotected sex that may lead to unwanted pregnancy. Continue Reading

ed medications

Erectile dysfunction has been responsible in ruining the sexual lives of many individuals. Various studies have claimed that erectile dysfunction is a result of many psychological and physical factors. Physical causes like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking and obesity are linked to erectile dysfunction. Continue Reading

Healthy Valentine's Day tips

February is America’s month of heart. Valentine’s day means lots of love, candy and chocolates. From intimate meals to munching on candies, couples across the globe will celebrate romance this February 14th. The day also means there is a high chance that you will be putting on some kilos. Following tips, will help you turn this Valentines day into a healthy Valentines day:-  Continue Reading

AllDayChemist discount

At AllDayChemist, we have recently started a new referral program for our customers. We noticed that happy and satisfied customers always come back to us. So, we started this new referral campaign which proves to be useful for both us as well as you. Referral systems are a perfect way for our customers to earn rewards and make some money. All you have to do is refer us to your beloved friends and family members. This helps us to improve our sale of medicines and drugs and also offers great discounts for you.

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Follow a white-teeth diet

9th February is celebrated as the National Toothache Day. It serves as a perfect reminder to get your dentist to check your teeth. You may visit the dentist for regular cleaning, brightening or annual exam, but this is the ideal day for you to grab your phone and make an appointment. Nowadays, everyone is obsessed to know how to whiten teeth. Most people also want to know how to get whiter teeth that are healthy and sparkling white. However, in order to get such healthy teeth, you need to take immense care of it. Poor oral hygiene can cause teeth and gum problems along with a host of health issues. To help you in getting those sparkling white teeth, we would recommend you to read further.

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