Health Benefits of Vinegar

From beauty and skin care products to natural home remedies, women wish to have naturally glowing skin. Vinegar provides a lot of benefits not just for health but also for skin and hair as well. Vinegar is created from the fermentation of ethanol. Acetic acid is one of its key ingredients, giving it an acidic taste. There are different varieties of vinegar. These include beer, cane coconut, honey, fruit, distilled and apple cider vinegar. Each and every variety of vinegar has its own specific uses. Continue Reading

Healthy Pregnancy

Diet plays a major role in our life. An improper food plan or lack of nutritions in the diet leads to one of the biggest problems in many married couples known as infertility. Infertility in simple words means even after trying hard and many times, women is unable to conceive that quickly. Infertility results in emotional stress. Health is an important factor, if we are healthy then there would not be any problem in conceiving. Women’s health is all the more essential because she is the one who gives birth to a child. So, she must follow a healthy lifestyle for a long and happy life. Continue Reading

Diet fanatics sand Fitness fanatics

Are you obsessed with your dietary intake or always on a diet, watching your weight in expectation to get slim? Or, are you a diet fanatic? Fanaticism in any form is not a good idea, same is applicable to dieting. Diet is just a manifestation of the food and healthy tricks and should be avoided. If you are one of those ladies who think cutting calories of your food will make you look attractive and help you avoid that plump body, if you think diet is the only option left to shed those bouts of fats, then rethink. Continue Reading


Sleep is instrumental in life. Sleep helps to protect the mental and physical health and impart qualitative life. Sleep also supports development of the body. Amount of sleep required by different age levels vary. Teenagers require minimum of nine to ten hours sleep because they do a lot of physical work. Adults require minimum of 6hours a day. Continue Reading

Insulin therapy

Diabetes is a never-ending disease, which currently affects over 246 million people worldwide and over half of these are women. Researchers have expected that these rates tend to increase to 380 million by the year 2025. It has been proved in various studies that diabetes is the fifth deadliest disease in the United States alone. Continue Reading

Medications to treat breast cancer

The most beautiful asset of a woman’s body is her breasts. She feels best and on the top of the world, when her breasts cause no problem. But, her life takes an unwanted turn when she feels a lump or some change in her breasts. Continue Reading


Claiming around 650 lives during its current outbreak, the Ebola disease first occurred in 1976. It has already claimed 431 lives during its first outbreak. It has been restricted to Africa with the exception of the Reston Ebola virus. World Health Organization (WHO) has already recognized four species of the Ebola, which include Zaire Ebola Virus (EBOV), Sudan Ebola Virus (SUDV), Reston Ebola Virus (RESTV), and Taï Forest Ebola Virus (TAFV). The only way to prevent the disease from causing a widespread epidemic is by understanding the symptoms of Ebola Virus and treatment measures for Ebola Virus. The main symptoms of Ebola virus include uncontrollable bleeding, fatigue, and fever. It practically causes a breakdown of the entire immune system. Continue Reading

Pemphigus Vulgaris

Pemphigus Vulgaris is mainly characterized by a formation of blisters in the mouth which make it difficult to swallow food or drink water. These blisters later burst and cause redness and sore mouth, facilitating the formation of several other blisters generally akin to the ulcers in mouth. These blisters don’t go away with time usually and are fatal if they persist. Compared to common ulcers, these blisters are caused by manifestation of the immunity system. Such blisters and disorder is known as Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV). Continue Reading

Asthma Medication

The best way to control asthma is by the carefully planned use of treatments and medicines. There are some excellent treatments available to ensure full recovery. The main aim of managing asthma is to give you control of your medical condition rather than letting the asthma disease control you. Besides taking your asthma medicines regularly, you lessen the symtoms by avoiding triggers that lead to the symptoms. Continue Reading