The Health Benefits of Vinegar

From beauty and skin care products to natural home remedies, women wish to have naturally glowing skin. Vinegar provides a lot of benefits not just for health but also for skin and hair as well. Vinegar is created from the fermentation of ethanol. Acetic acid is one of its key ingredients, giving it an acidic taste. There are different varieties of vinegar. These include beer, cane coconut, honey, fruit, distilled and apple cider vinegar. Each and every variety of vinegar has its own specific uses.

You must have heard of apple cider vinegar? Well, this variety of vinegar has been used both in the medicine cabinet and kitchen cupboard. It’s not just used to dress salad and for making pickles, but also a major ingredient in beauty products.

Harsh soaps and shampoos strip hair and skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry all over. But, the acidity of apple cider vinegar counteracts that process and helps to balance skin and the hair’s natural pH levels. It is effective in preventing acne and makes nail polish last longer. Let us see how apple cider vinegar is beneficial for our skin and hair and how it heals our pimples and skin tone.

Effects on the skin

Having flawless skin is not that difficult if you take proper care of your skin. Vinegar may help to improve overall skin complexion because skin is naturally acidic whereas apple cider vinegar works as a skin soother too. How? To know the beauty trick, you need to add eight ounces of apple cider vinegar to your bathtub filled with warm water and soak in it for about 15-20 minutes. The pH level of apple cider vinegar is quite similar to the pH level of protective mantle skin layer; the soak helps restore balance. Also, it helps to reduce red marks and blemishes. Apple cider vinegar also works as a facial toner.Mix 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar in two cups of water. Moisten a cotton ball and swipe the mixture over your dry skin and clean face for skin tightening. Try not to rinse as the scent will dissipate quickly. Apple cider vinegar’s natural alpha-hydroxy acids and acetic acid stimulate circulation and minimize skin pores.

If you are looking for skin toners, vinegar would be the best choice you may opt for, a good toner should moisturise, purify and refresh skin. Using apple cider vinegar is best for glowing skin. Whereas other tips for glowing skin include: having a proper sleeping pattern and eating a well-balanced diet. Consuming almonds, eggs and blueberries are some foods for beautiful skin.

Health Benefits of Vinegar

Effects on the hair

Not just for skin, using vinegar on the hair makes it clean and lustrous. If you haven’t used vinegar as a hair conditioner, then you must use it today. Long for silky and smooth hair? Just add one tablespoon of vinegar to your hair and wash it, this will work as a conditioner. The acetic acid in apple cider vinegar is quite effective to removing residue from product build up and helps giveshiny, lustrous locks. It also helps in the removal of unnecessary dandruff if you mix a solution of equal parts of apple cider vinegar in water and massage your scalp thoroughly with the solution before shampooing. You can also try using vinegar in the regular shampoo and use it as a hair wash, or for massaging the scalp. Vinegar has lot of health benefits whereas apple cider vinegar is found to have natural anti fungal properties which fights and mitigates hair dandruff. Also, acidic properties of vinegar balances the pH levels and restores scalp’s protective acid mantle layer to deflect any further fungal growth. So always try to massage your scalp with full strength vinegar several times a week for better hair growth.

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The best method to use apple cider vinegar is in its natural liquid form. Vinegar is also useful to treat patients suffering from various diseases.

Health benefits

  • Arthritis- Vinegar is quite effective in relieving people suffering from arthritis. Use cider vinegar and honey treatment for arthritis or you can apply cider vinegar externally to painful joints too. Apart from this, you may try local treatments as well keep your foot in a strong, comfortably hot solution of cider vinegar for about 10-12 minutes and repeat the procedure 3 times a day. This will provide relief to pain in the joints. Arthritic knees can be treated as well by making a poultice- soak a cloth in the solution of cider vinegar and water, then wrap it around the joint areas and secure it with a dry cloth to retain heat. Make sure when the wet cloth cools down, it has to be wrung out in the hot solution and then applied afresh. The procedure has to be repeated several times for best results.
  • Cancer- Apple cider vinegar cannot really cure cancer, but this could prove valuable in fighting free radicals in the body. Free radicals have been shown to be indicative in forming various cancers. Beta carotene is a powerful antioxidant found in apple cider vinegar, which helps to neutralise free radicals formed in the body through oxidation.So, to prevent free radicals and to keep them in check, antioxidants are needed by the body to get rid of these dangerous compounds. If free radicals are left to run in the body, then they could harm our body by damaging cells and this leads to aging and degeneration. The pectin in apple cider vinegar adds fiber to the diet, and the American cancer society promotes a high fiber diet which helps to prevent cancer, especially colon cancer as fiber is found to bind with certain cancer causing compounds in the colon and speeds up its elimination from the body.Other vinegar benefits include: soothing sore throats, helps skin burns, aids in digestion, prevent dizziness, helps in weight loss, alkaline acid balance and for detoxification.Also Related: Top 5 Superfoods For Flawless Skin

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