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Nutritionist, herbalist, health and medicine writer and yoga enthusiast, Amelia Smith, is a professional in the health, nutrition and diet industry.
erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) refers to a condition in which a man is unable to maintain strong sex drive and erects prematurely. Although premature erection is not a matter of grave concern for men if this condition persists most of the time then they have to take it seriously. If you take a medical route, drugs like Ceebis Tadalafil 20mg, viagra, can be helpful to treat the condition. Your food choices can certainly make a difference by elevating testosterone levels in the body. Most of the experts recommend changes in diet and lifestyle to aiding in ED treatment. Continue Reading


When you find yourself trouble breathing because of asthma, you reach for your prescribed inhaler {Asthalin HFA Inhaler – 100 mcg (200 MDI)} to get your breath back. An asthma attack can occur at any time, which may put you in an uncomfortable situation. People around you start asking questions and giving you unnecessary advice based on misconceptions about your health condition. Continue Reading

Get Your Skin Winter Ready

The need for your skin is always same whichever season it is. It is seen that our skin texture is most affected in winter or cool environment, so why don’t you make it winter ready with the help of the best skin care products? Since winter is a few months away, it is the best time we nourish our skin to make it withstand the expected harsh conditions. Continue Reading


Strong and healthy erection plays an important role to make your sex life happy and long-lasting. If your partner is not satisfied sexually, it could lead to a condition of emotional trauma and distress in your family. This condition is developed in men when their sexual excitement dwindles. Continue Reading

Myths of Skin Mask Debunked

Facial masks are one of the most common forms of skin care since ancient times. Roman women made their skin masks with sheep oils, but the smell was horrible. Egyptian and Greek women were convinced that clay mask was beneficial. Because women have been using facial masks for thousands of years, but that doesn’t mean these are essential for beautiful skin. Continue Reading