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Nutritionist, herbalist, health and medicine writer and yoga enthusiast, Amelia Smith, is a professional in the health, nutrition and diet industry.

Both men and women of all ages crave for thicker and fuller hair, especially when thinning of hairs become noticeable. The good news is that there are some natural treatments to stop thinning of hairs like reducing stress, eating a balanced diet, balancing hormones and many more. Continue Reading

Eating the right food at the right time along with exercise and insulin is important to manage Type 1 diabetes. Making the right choice of food for a meal is not just managing glucose levels for a couple of hours, healthy eating has a great impact in the long term for people with type 1 diabetes. Continue Reading

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction (ED), occurs when a man’s penis doesn’t get hard enough to perform sexual intercourse. The man cannot get or hold an erection long enough to have a satisfactory sex life. You are not alone if you are encountering erection problem. Continue Reading

Eating a healthy diet is an effective strategy for managing various aspects of diabetes. Food plays a vital role in controlling blood glucose levels and treating diabetes mellitus. A proper, healthy, balanced diet is essential for diabetes treatment. It has a great impact on the life of a diabetes patient and helps to lead an active lifestyle. Whether you have diabetes or not, a healthy diet regimen and regular physical activity are necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Continue Reading

Sildenafil is a prescription therapeutic agent, which comes in the form of a tablet and sold under various brand names. It is given to adult men for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The medicine is like a time machine that brings in the teenage years of a man. While for young guys, it’s a great option to sustain an erection to enjoy the pleasure of lovemaking to the fullest. It is a great medication with a few side effects. It helps in increasing one’s self-esteem and makes you feel confident. These ED pills aimed to make a man happy and satisfied with their sexual life. Continue Reading

The pleasure of sex does not come alone, you may have to pay its price or bear its baggage in the form of pregnancy. Those who are ready to expand their family don’t worry much about pregnancy but what about those who want to avoid it. Although there is always a possibility of getting pregnant after sex, its probability remains low during the safe days of a woman after periods. So, if you want to avoid an unwanted pregnancy, pay attention to the calculation of safe days. Continue Reading

Nowadays the sex life is suffering due to an unhealthy lifestyle and pollution. A good sex life is very important for a good healthy relationship. Today, most of people face the problem due to low sex stamina in their life due to mental and physical stress. But there are various natural methods and drugs that can help in boosting the stamina for sex. There are various foods which can increase the stamina for sex such as watermelon, chili peppers, apples, ginger, wild salmon, etc. when these foods get included in your diet helps in a great deal in increasing your sex stamina. Continue Reading