conjunctivitis treatment

The allergic attack on the eyes, or say allergic conjunctivitis, is very common in the people of different age groups. You must have proper knowledge of allergic conjunctivitis treatment, especially when we are surrounded by a lot of environmental pollens.
Though it’s easy to diagnose, but if you show any lethargy towards the eyes, then it can be problematic too.

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Smoking suring pregnancy

Tobacco smoking during pregnancy is considered extremely harmful, not only for the mother but the developing child also. Because of the ill effects of smoking while pregnant the expectant mothers are suggested to avoid both active and passive smoking.

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carb blockers

Carbohydrates are the powerhouse of energy. However, too much of carbohydrate in a diet may pile up unnecessary calories. In such a situation, Carb blockers for weight loss may prove beneficial.

Carb blockers:

Carb blockers or carbohydrate blockers are dietary supplements that keep the starches and the calories found in the searches away from the body by keeping the starch undigested.

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foods to avoids during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful phase of a woman’s life and whatever she eats directly affects the health of the child she is bearing. Hence, expecting ladies are provided a long list of the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

While you are expecting, even the simplest everyday foods and beverages get a new meaning altogether because some foods that you consume may be harmful or dangerous to the developing baby.

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protect yourself from aging

Our body, its health and our living style are all correlated. Ageing is the reflection of our bad dietary habits. Switch to a healthy lifestyle tips that doubles as Anti-ageing tips to take care of your skin.
As you age, you may find wrinkles on skin, your skin may start losing its elasticity, it might become paler, and blood vessels might also become visible.

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