High fibre food for a healthy body

High fibre diet has a lot of wonderful health benefits of reducing the risk of stroke or hypertension, etc. Fibre is an important part of a healthy diet.


High fibre diet plan is very important to lead a healthy and disease-free life. Fibre is found in plant based foods only. Fibre is of two types: soluble and insoluble fibre. 1. Soluble fibre is easily digested by the body. It is very good for the body and helps to improve the digestion also. The soluble fibre is good for cholesterol and constipation. Soluble fibre is found in the food items such as:

• Oats, rye, barley • Banana and apples • Carrots, potatoes and other root vegetables • Golden linseed

benefits of high fibre diet

2. The body doesn’t digest insoluble fibres. They pass out of the body as it is and are helpful in the movement of the food in the gut. This type of fibre remains intact and keeps your gut healthy. Rich sources of insoluble fibre are: • Oatmeal • Bran • Nuts and seeds • Cereals

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Health benefits of high fibre food:

Many reports suggest that many people around the world lack the required amount of fibre in their daily diet. There is a great relationship between fibre diet and bathroom trips. Too low diet fibre is the cause of constipation in many people. Hence, a healthy fibre diet plan is very necessary to get the health benefits of high fibre diet such as:

• Improvement of digestive health:

Dietary fibre is very helpful in the improvement of the bowel movements and makes the stool passing a much easier practice. Fibre helps in relieving constipation and also improves the condition of diarrhoea. The high fibre also reduces the chances of having acidity, or gastric reflux problem.

• Heart disease diet:

High fibre diet especially soluble fibre is good for those people who are suffering from cholesterol problems. Good fibre diet is necessary to remove the bad cholesterol from the body and reduce your risk for various metabolic problems like diabetes, low BP, stroke and several coronary heart diseases.

• Diabetes prevention/improvement:

The insoluble fibres are good for those who are trying to keep diabetes at bay or who are trying to reduce their high blood sugar levels. Fibre helps by slowing down the process of absorption of sugars from food.

• Skin health improvement:

Having high fibre diet plan is good for the skin also as it can flush the toxins out of the body. ‘Psyllium husk’ is very good to flush out the toxins out of the body and beautify the skin to bring the glow to it.

Fibre intake requirements

According to a report given by institute of medicine, 2012, the recommended daily fibre intake for men and women is as follows:

Age 50 or below 

  • Men 38 grams
  • Women 25 grams

Age 51 and above

  • Men 30 grams
  • Women 21 grams

Ways to add fibre to your daily diet plan:

1. Fibre from whole grains:

One high fibre diet plan is to start your day with a bowl of cereals such as corn flakes or add a few tables spoons of wheat bran in your favourite breakfast cereal Replace white bread , pasta with brown or multigrain bread Bake using whole wheat flour and replace the white flour in your cakes, cookies and muffins, etc

2. Fibre from fruits and vegetables:

Add fruits such as strawberries and raspberries to your breakfast Replace desserts with fruits like apples, pear and bananas and top with yoghurt and ice-cream Eat the fruits such as apple, pears and plums with their skin as their skin has the highest fibre content Opt for stir- fried veggies as salads Beans, peas and lentils high-fibre additions to soups and stews Make a green salad using black beans, kidney beans and peas, etc.

3. Fibre from fast foods:

High fibre diet plan can also be maintained while gulping down fast food. Opt for these tricks: While choosing bread for sandwich/burgers opt for multi-grains or whole wheat bread Try a veggie burger instead of a meat burger Opt for filling with bean or corn to increase fibre content Avoid potato chips or fries and opt for salad or nuts

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If you have decided to increase the fibre intake in your diet then do that slowly and gradually. A sudden change in diet can cause any abdominal bloating and gas. Also, one should drink plenty of water to maximise the high fibre diet benefits.

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