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This article is all about to know how to keep your eyes healthy? If you are seeking information associated with this topic then this page is for you.

We are what we eat, this is the best example to say all. Our eating habits make us a better person from the inner and outer both. A healthy and balanced food diet is recommended by almost all the nutritionists across the world. For keeping the overall body fit one must eat healthy food, this way you will be able to take care of your eyes, skin, hair, bones, muscles and all body organs. Like nutritionist, the ophthalmologist also suggests and recommend eating right food items for improving eyesight.

eye health

Keep on reading to know how to keep your eyes healthy.

In this article, we are making a list of best food items that will help you in keeping your eyes healthy. Eating the right food items for improving eyesight is as important as we take care of our overall body health.

The eyes are one of the essential organs of our body, and putting efforts into keeping them healthy should be one of the daily tasks in our to-do list. Although many people believe that failing or weak eyesight is inevitable due to aging or eye strain, but in reality, basic healthy lifestyle changes can perhaps reduce the risk of eye health problems.

Best food to eat to keep your eyes healthy:

Foods with certain nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, zinc, copper, and beta carotene are helpful in reducing the eye health risk of around 25 to 30% due to the aging factor. As per studies, lutein, copper, zeaxanthin, and omega-3 fatty acids are vital for overall eye health.

Take these food items for improving eyesight and make a part of your daily diet. As per researches, the best nutrient-rich food to boost eye health are here below:

  • Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C. They have antioxidant properties to fight age-related eye damage. Lemon, oranges, and grapefruits are rich in vitamin C.

  • Fish

Fish has several health benefits. They are the rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. For improving eye health, eating oily fish is good. Oil fishes have oil in their body tissues and gut, so eating them offers a high level of omega-3 goodness. Tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout, herring and anchovies are some of the fishes that contain the most beneficial levels of omega-3.

  • Seeds

Like fishes, seeds are too high in omega-3s and are a rich source of vitamin E. You can buy Chia seeds, flax seeds, and hemp seeds, these are available at most of the grocery stores.

  • Nuts and Legumes

Nuts are another source of omega-3 fatty acids, they are rich in vitamin E which helps eye from age factor damage. Nuts are easily available at most of the grocery stores and they are good for eye health. Walnuts, cashews, lentils, peanuts, Brazil nuts, are some of the best options to have nuts and legumes.

  • Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are a good source of vitamin C, especially leafy green vegetables are rich in zeaxanthin and lutein. You can choose leafy greens vegetables to include Kale, spinach, collards.

  • Carrots

Carrots are a well-known option to boost eye health. They are rich in Vitamin A and beta carotene. Vitamin A plays an important role to maintain eye vision.

  • Eggs

Eggs are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin benefits, which can reduce age-related sight loss risk. Zinc, vitamins C and E are also good sources found in Eggs.

  • Water

Like the above mention food, water is equally essential to life and plays a vital role in eye health. Drinking plenty of water can prevent dehydration, which actually helps to reduce the dry eyes symptoms

  • Beef

For the long term eye, health benefits beef is also considered a rich source of zinc. This source helps in delaying age-related vision loss and macular degeneration. Chicken breasts also contain zinc but not much as beef does.

Interesting fact – The retina of an eye itself contains a high level of zinc.

  • Other than taking a balanced eye-healthy diet, taking supplements can help in maintaining eye health. Norflox Eye Drops – 0.3% (10 ml) Eye Drops – Norflox eye drops treat bacterial eye infection.
  • UNDER EYE CREAM (Himalaya) – The under eye cream from Himalaya prevents wrinkle formation and fine lines. It also effectively work to reduce dark circles. The cream detoxifies and moisturizes the under-eye area.
  • KAJAL 2.6 gm (Himalaya) – Kajal nourishes lashes and acts as an anti-aging agent for eyelids.

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Eye Health Tips

To maintain good eye health, below given some basic tips can offer eye health.

Wearing sunglasses when going outside, go for a regular eye check-up to avoid eye disease, stop smoking, washing hands before touching the eye or wearing contact lenses, keep a 20 feet distance while working on a computer, take a break of 20 seconds in every 20 minutes to rest your eye.

Early treatment of eye health is the best answer to many people who generally ask how to keep eyes healthy? People who notice vision change should visit their ophthalmologist for an eye exam. The above-given list of food items for improving eyesight is another way to keep your eyes healthy.

Eyelash Fall Out

That gorgeousness of the eyelashes lies in their healthier, longer and fuller look. The fall and roughness of lashes can steal their beauty, leaving you with the incomplete facial expression. Remember that eyelashes are one of the delicate but important parts of our body, so we have to take care and protect them from falling out easily. The application of Careprost eyelash growth proves to be an effective solution to keep the natural beauty intact while promoting their length and thickness.

Understand the reasons behind falling out of eyelashes:

The fall of eyelashes is a common problem that men and women suffer from. Each hair stand of lashes goes through the phases of development, fall, and growth but this life cycle can be disturbed due to various reasons. If you experience excessive falling and thinning of lashes, you can consult an expert to understand its reason. There are different factors forcing lashes to fall immaturely. However, different people respond to those factors in different ways. Many experts recommend Careprost eyelash enhancer serum that can treat this problem without affecting your vision. This is an excellent solution to make your eyelashes longer, thicker and fuller within a few weeks. Take a look at some leading causes behind the fall and breakage of lashes so that you can work on them.

  • Fall of lashes is a natural phenomenon

Eyelashes naturally emanate, grow, develop, fall off, and then regrow. Typically, this whole life cycle takes 2-3 months to complete. The growth phase of lashes is called anagen; resting phase is telogen and transition phase is catagen. Hair strands can fall within any phases, so you need not to panic if this cycle goes on as normal. You should be concerned if you are unable to regrow lashes. This is where bimatoprost eyelash serum can be helpful for extending telogen. This medicine is originally formulated to treat glaucoma and reduce intraocular pressure.

  • Effects of old age

Old age has its own effects on the body and they are inevitable. We experience deterioration in the skin tissues and hair graying with aging and so are the eyelashes affected. The older you get, the more you lose hair strands. But, the fall of lashes in younger age is a concern to reckon with. You can protect them and enhance their life by using the right products like Careprost eyelash growth eye drops.


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  • Check if mascara damages your eyelash strands

If you are using mascara, be careful and watchful towards its effects on the eyelashes. The application of external eyelashes could damage your lashes and affect their development. Destruction of lashes probably happens because of the adhesiveness of mascara so it becomes a bit difficult to remove. Another concern with mascara is that it does not give a permanent solution for the longer eyelashes. On the other hand, the use of Careprost eyelash enhancer serum makes it easy to achieve longer and fuller lashes and it does not affect the existing lashes.

  • The adverse effect of stress on lashes

The effects of mental and physical stress are quite visible on health and look of your lashes, hair, and skin. In the condition of stress, the thinning and falling of hair is highly experienced. Stress renders hormonal imbalances and affects skin tissues that could lead to the fallout of lashes. The condition of stress can also incur the feeling of irritation in the people, further causing a blow to lashes and skin’s health. In such a case, it is better to use an eyelash enhancer like bimatoprost eyelash serum. It helps to maintain thicker and fuller lashes for a long time.

Eyelash Myths

The eyes’ expression of the celebs can mesmerize anyone. Their eyelashes are maintained so beautifully that we tend to believe that they take extra care of their lashes. However, it is not so in all cases, rather it is just a myth regarding eyelashes. In fact, it is not too difficult to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes if use the right products and for the right duration. Experts recommend Careprost eyelash growth solution which proves to be very effective in improving the health of lashes within a few weeks.

Eyelashes can be grown easily:

Eyes are one of the most important parts of our body and personality, and good-looking eyelashes can certainly add panache to that. Many women search for how to make their eyelashes longer, fuller and thicker thinking that it takes a lot of effort to find that. In reality, it is not so difficult to make your lashes fuller and longer if you use a product like Careprost Eye Drops. This solution has bimatoprost as an active ingredient which can treat glaucoma and reduce intra-ocular pressure. The growth of eyelashes is a result its side effects. These days, it is also easy to buy Careprost online at an affordable cost.

Myths regarding the growth of eyelashes:

There are some common myths regarding the life and health of eyelashes. Different people have different perceptions about it. Let’s see some common myths that one must stop believing.

Myth 1: Herbal oils can grow eyelashes

Many people believe that herbal oils have miraculous effects on the lashes and they can grow them within days. It is true that natural oils like castor oil, coconut oil, and mustard oil can improve the health of eyelashes. Such oils help in the growth of hair but their effectiveness in the growth of eyelashes is highly exaggerated. Although natural oils can stimulate the blood circular to promote hair growth, there is no clinical evidence to corroborate its effectiveness in the growth of eyelashes in the same manner. Instead of natural oils, you can use Careprost eyelash growth liquid solution. It stimulates the growth of eyelashes and makes them fuller and thicker at a faster pace than herbal oils.

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Myth 2: Petroleum jelly can make lashes thicker

Usually, cosmetic beauty products are used to enhance the beauty of the skin, but some people think they can help hairs grow faster and so it is fine for the lashes too. Fairness creams are for skin only; their application on lashes is not that much effective. Whether it is petroleum jelly or herbal skin cream, it only penetrates your skin and works on the hair follicles but it cannot promote hair growth.

Myth 3: Curling of lashes helpful for growth

Regular curling of eyelashes and straining them with a brush cannot be helpful to make them look fuller and this practice has nothing to do with their growth. Brushing and combing of eyelashes are a common practice to maintain neat and sparkly hair. For the growth of eyelashes, you can buy Careprost online or over the counter and use it regularly. Leave constantly tugging lashes as it can break them or lead to fall out easily.

Myth 4: Trim lashes to grow them faster

Some people think that trimming of lashes is helpful to make grow them faster, but it is just a myth. Pruning of lashes is not linked to their growth and even it does not treat the problem of split ends. You can take the help of Careprost eyelash growth liquid solution to make them thicker, fuller and longer. Use this solution under a doctor’s prescription and know its benefits and side effects before using.

Grow Eyelashes

Natural remedies are proven effective and are a simple and affordable way to restore eyelash growth. They contain no dangerous chemicals that can harm the lashes in the long run and will transform your lashes when using consistently.

If you have been dreaming of gorgeous long eyelashes, you are definitely not alone! Products promising an attractive set of lashes seem to be everywhere that will light up your face and make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. Careprost eyelash enhancer serum is the revolutionary formula infused with Bimatoprost, a prostaglandin analogue, which extends the growth phase of the eyelash growth cycle, which results in longer and fuller eyelashes naturally. You can also learn how to protect and nourish your lashes with some other simple and cost-effective solutions so that they can reach to full length.

Long and beautiful eyelashes are healthy lashes!

Beautiful and long eyelashes are achievable with the right approach and a bit of patience. Remember that a beauty routine made it necessary to nourish and strengthen eyelashes is necessary to maintain the health of eyelashes. Healthy eyelashes require attention and consistent use of lash care products. Many products, such as extensions and falsies that promise temporary results may actually end up causing damage to your delicate lash strands, in the long run, leaving you with thin and sparse eyelashes. These include harmful chemicals that cause more lash loss over time.

Essential tips that work best in the long run

A natural method is always a smart decision when looking to enhance the appearance of your eyelashes, and luckily numerous natural ways can help you deliver permanent and long-lasting results. Choosing natural remedies will also reduce the chances of development of the dangerous effects that many of chemically derived cosmetic ingredients may have on your health with their regular use.

Not all of us are blessed with the gift of thick, luscious eyelashes, but here are some natural hacks you could try to make your eyelashes grow:

  • Check your diet- Focus on eating foods rich in essential vitamins like eggs, beans, fish, and soy protein which will help your eyelashes to grow long and thick. Biotin or vitamin B is extremely beneficial for creating longer and healthier eyelashes. Add salmon in your diet, which is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids, helping to grow shiny hair, strong nails, and to stimulate lash growth.
  • Apply oils to your lashes- We all love a natural beauty remedy so how about castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil? These natural oils have been proven highly effective in improving the quality of lashes when applied daily over a period of time. Some other excellent oils that are tried and tested for this purpose include Argan oil, sesame oil, and avocado oil. These oils are enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants that nourish and repair hair follicles and promote lash growth. It is always a better choice to go with organic oils and apply with your fingertips/cotton ball/ a clean mascara brush. Gently apply from the root to the tips once daily preferably at night. The oil penetrates the hair follicles and allows the follicles to repair and grow. These can also be used in combination to create a blend of natural oils that are best suited to your requirements.

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  • Aloe Vera- famous for its beauty benefits, Aloe Vera is a popular remedy for restoring eyelash growth. You can apply the fresh gel directly to your lashes by using a lash brush before bedtime each day.
  • Brushing- One of the most simple solutions for enhancing the appearance of eyelashes is brushing technique. This method can be done by using little small brush, comb that allows you to brush away dust, dirt and makeup residuals as well that interfere with their functioning. By keeping your lashes clean, you will be able them longer and fuller.
  • Use Careprost- An eyelash serum like Careprost eyelash growth solution supports lash growth and provide them a healthy appearance. Careprost Bimatoprost eyelash serum promotes healthy follicles, making them grow longer, darker, and thicker.
Eyelash Enhancer

Who would not like to flaunt long and lush lashes? This is where mascara helps you but it does not provide a long-term solution, so you have to choose a perfect eyelash enhancer smartly that can promote the natural growth of your lashes. Give a try to Careprost eyelash growth solution; it can make your lashes fuller, longer and thicker within a few weeks of application. This eye drop is originally formulated to treat glaucoma and reduce intraocular pressure; the growth of eyelash is a result of its side effects. Experts recommend Careprost eyelash enhancer serum to adult men and women who have short and thin lashes.

Choose the right Eyelash Serum:


Selection of the right eyelash serum is important as it helps you transform the look of your lashes by making them longer, fuller, stronger, thicker as well as healthier. Since lashes protect your eyes and complete your facial expression, their condition has to be good. Protect them from drying and breaking easily. With so many options available on the market, you should find the right eyelash serum after consulting your doctor. You can go through some reviews of eyelash growth serums posted by the users in order to zero in on an appropriate eyelash care product. In this regard, Careprost eyelash enhancer serum is a good option that can take care of your lashes at minimum expanse. It is widely recommended to treat the problem of short and thin lashes. With regular application of Careprost, you would feel the difference in your lashes within a few weeks.

How Careprost enhances Eyelashes:


Careprost has an active ingredient called bimatoprost 0.03% which is a prostaglandin. This ingredient can make your eyelashes longer and fuller by enhancing their growth cycle. Bimatoprost is an FDA-approved treatment for glaucoma and hypotrichosis (inadequate lashes) and it is safe to use on all skin types. Within 3-4 weeks of application, you can experience good changes in the look of your eyelashes. The nourishing properties available in the bimatoprost eyelash serum can make your lashes stronger and more resilient against breakage. Also, it acts on the skin cells of the tissues of the lashes to make them healthier.

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Careprost Eye Drops for glamorous eyelashes:   


Careprost Eye Drops is a perfection eyelash serum that not only makes your eyes look bigger and clean but also adds glamour to your lashes. It is a good replacement for a mascara that requires a lot of care for maintaining its beauty. On the other hand, Careprost eyelash enhancer serum promotes the natural beauty of the lashes by improving their look and feel. It is tested by many dermatologists and ophthalmologists on many men and women. This solution is reported to make their lashes more beautiful and denser.

How to use Careprost to grow eyelashes:


Careprost works well for increasing the length of eyelashes only when it is applied in the correct way. Careprost eyelash growth solution should be used once a day; better to use it at night before going to bed. Take the help of a brush to apply liquid at the roots of the lashes. Only one drop of Careprost bimatoprost eyelash serum is enough for the eyeliner and it should be applied on the upper eyelid edge where the eyelashes meet the skin. Let it work overnight and wash your eyes in the morning. Even though this solution is originally formulated to treat glaucoma but its effectiveness in improving the length and thickness of the eyelashes has made Careprost a popular eyelash serum. One can easily buy Careprost online on different pharmacies.

eyelash treatments

Women always prefer to define their beauty as best as they can. For making this possible, they use and apply so much cosmetics to being noticed. But using harmful chemicals for long not only make your skin dull but also harm it badly at times. Eyes are the most sensitive organ of our body and using harsh chemical on them can trigger redness, itching, pain, and swelling. Using eyelash extensions regularly can weaken your lashes.

Are lash extensions and glue safe?

No doubt, the trick of eyelash extensions can save precious time in the morning and give you smudge-free confidence, but it should be applied carefully without affecting your natural lashes.

Eyelash extension should be applied by an expert; the procedure comes with the risks such as infection of the eyelid, trauma to the cornea, allergic reaction due to the glue used in eyelash extensions and eyelash loss which can be temporary or permanent. Infection can develop from inadequate hygiene in the shop or damage to the eye while applying the fake eyelashes. Some glues were known to have formaldehyde that can cause allergic reactions. An allergic reaction can trigger itching, redness, pain, and swelling. It may even affect your eyesight. Rubbing or pulling the fake lashes can weaken your natural eyelashes, and sometimes cause damage to the eyelash follicle.

Ways to avoid eyelash extension complications

The easiest way to avoid complications like eye irritation, or risk of infection is to avoid eyelash extensions simply. If you want to improve the appearance of your lashes, use a high-quality eyelash enhancer serum like Careprost eyelash growth solution. You can buy Careprost online at a very low price. But if you don’t want to invest in an eyelash growth solution, make extensions an occasional beauty treat. Here are a few things that you need to look for and ask about whenever you go for eyelash extensions:

  • Make sure you visit an expert’s place who is well trained in performing the procedure of applying for extensions.
  • See the ingredient’s list on the product which is being used to check whether it contains a harmful chemical like formaldehyde or not.
  • Make sure that your beautician is practicing good hygiene. Check whether he/she has thoroughly washed their hands and wearing gloves.
  • If you apply for an extension at home, be sure to read the instructions given on the product package and follow every step while applying for the extensions. Also, confirm the expiration date has not passed. You can also ask for a spot test before the glue is applied to your lash line.
  • Lastly, if you develop signs of infection, immediately contact an ophthalmologist who is an expert in treating eye conditions.

Doing extensions incorrectly may cause extension associated complications to last long. In that case, seeing an ophthalmologist is the best idea.

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Correctly perform the removal of eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are applied with glue that can be difficult to remove without the proper technique. If you are willing to remove them or if some have fallen out and you want the rest to remove, return to the salon, and ask your beautician to remove them. If you want to remove them by your own try any of these home remedies to remove eyelash extensions:

  • Stem and olive oil– First of all mascara and eye makeup from your eyelids. Boil some water in a pan, when the water is steaming turn off the heat and lean over the pan to allow the steam to reach your face. Put a towel on the back of your head to capture the steam. After 5 minutes take to apply a few drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and gently wipe your lashes. Do it gently until the extensions begin to come off. Avoid getting the olive oil in your eye. Rinse the eyes with warm water and leave it dry.
  • Use a glue remover.

If you are sick of falsies and eyelash extensions, then try using eyelash enhancer solutions, and you will never have to buy a pair again or never visit an aesthetician to get extensions.

We all hate false eyelashes because of their tendency to fall out at odd times. You also can get an infection from eyelash extensions, so you have to be smart about using them. Every woman would love to have gorgeous long eyelashes with the perfect amount of curl. But not all are lucky enough to have those amazing eyelashes. All thanks to the intervention of Careprost eyelash enhancer serum.

How does Eyelash Growth Solution work?

Are use mascara or curler to give that extraordinary look to your lashes? Bright chances are you’re damaging your lashes. An eyelash growth solution works by preventing lashes from falling out and strengthen eyelashes against mascara, curlers, and glue used to stick falsies. Experts say that it certainly won’t hurt you to use one. With continued use, one will see noticeable changes in the appearance of eyelashes.

What to look for in an eyelash growth preparation?

When searching for an eye solution that is perfect for you, experts recommend finding one with prostaglandin analogue Bimatoprost.

However, dermatologists also warn that certain ingredients in eyelash growth solution might cause severe irritation and allergic reaction. If you feel the sensitivity, you might try the solution on a small area first to ensure that you won’t have an adverse reaction. You must be consistent while using an eyelash serum. It can take around eight weeks to see noticeable results. These eyelash serums are designed to stimulate the growth of longer and fuller eyelashes.  Some even claim to give the darker appearance, potentially getting rid of the need for mascara. Though many serums actually work to promote lash growth, many are total junk. Here are the ones that work to improve the appearance of lashes and have great reviews: Continue Reading

Lash Fallout

Eyelashes fall out just like hair from your head, but it could be disturbing to see more than 3 to 4 lashes on your cheeks and pillow. If you see an extreme amount, you may be having Madarosis, which is an abnormal loss of eyelashes. Buy Careprost online to promote eyelash growth. Many factors could make you lose eyelashes, and these may include:

  • Stress- Rubbing or pulling eyelashes too hard due to physical stress could cause eyelashes to fall. If you are experiencing emotional stress, it could cause hair loss. Notice your stress levels and try to refrain yourself, from rubbing eyelashes too hard.
  • Beauty products- Poor quality mascara and eyelash curlers could damage your eyelashes. Having eyelash extensions can also affect the growth of eyelashes since the fake eyelashes are glued to your natural lashes. Wearing mascara while sleeping is not good for your eyelashes. Be sure to remove eye makeup to keep your lashes healthy. Moreover, replace your mascara every three months to prevent clumping of the mascara and lashes.
  • Blepharitis- It is an inflammation of the oil glands in the eyelid. Several factors can cause this condition such as skin allergies, eczema, or dandruff. The eye condition occurs as swollen eyelids and excessive crusting of the eyelashes. Some people experience lashes shedding as well as complete lash loss during the eye condition. If the eye disorder is due to an eye infection, then a prescription antibiotic can reduce the swelling and flakiness.
  • Other medical conditions and medical treatments- Sometimes hormonal imbalances and other medical conditions such as alopecia areata can contribute to loss of eyelashes. Medical treatments could also be causing lash to fall out. Talk to an ophthalmologist about treatment options and any uncomfortable side effects.

Ways to grow eyelashes faster and healthier

If you have weak or inadequate eyelashes, there are a few methods, which can help you grow your lashes longer and thicker. Some easy solutions that help to grow eyelashes are as follows:

  • Eyelash serum- Eyelash growth products help your lashes grow longer and fuller by stimulating the hair follicles with essential elements. Some products work great to enhance the appearance of eyelashes. Make sure you use the product that contains prostaglandin analogue Bimatoprost that won’t irritate your eye. The top reviewed product that’s hitting the market today is Careprost eye drops. Careprost eyelash growth solution is very effective when it comes to grow longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. Buy Careprost online for making your eyelashes longer, darker, and thicker.
  • Eat healthily- If you are not in a mood to spend on eyelash enhancer serums, grow them naturally. Your diet plays a crucial role in achieving longer and denser eyelashes. Taking proper nutrition will help grow your hair and nails faster. Eat vitamin B5 rich foods such as avocado, oatmeal, and yoghurt. Include proteins rich foods such as nutritional yeast or chia seeds.
  • Vitamin E oil for eyelash growth- Apply vitamin E oil on your eyelashes with the help of a thin eyeliner brush. One can also use petroleum jelly on the upper lash line before going to bed. Petroleum jelly moisturizes and protects your lashes while improving the growth. It is a long process, but a safe and effective natural remedy to improve the appearance of lashes.


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Try natural eyelash conditioner

Women have used the following homemade eyelash conditioners for centuries. You can also try these to promote eyelash growth:

  • Olive oil- This essential oil is considered as the natural hair growth stimulant that has been used since the ancient times.
  • Aloe Vera gel- Another natural ingredient that moisturizes and encourages eyelash growth. It is also used to reduce the inflammation in the eye.

A chalazion cyst appears in the form of a lump in the eyelids, and it is caused by blocked oil gland in the eyelid. The fluid-filled swelling in the eyelid usually about 2-8mm in size. The small lump can develop on either one or both sides of eyelids simultaneously and most commonly on the upper eyelid. The lump is usually not painful but can cause discomfort. Many eyelid cysts will disappear on its own after about a month. If not, you can try eye ointments, prescription medicines are available online to treat chalazion cysts. Consider alldaychemist.com for generic medicine online.

Treat a Chalazion cyst with home remedies

Here are a few effective home remedies that can provide relief from the pain and inflammation caused by an eyelid cyst:

  • Aloe Vera- An effective treatment for chalazion cyst, AloVera contains inflammatory properties that help to relieve redness, swelling, and inflammation. The antibacterial properties of the green plant help to treat the infection. You can apply fresh Aloe Vera gel directly on the cyst and let it work for about fifteen minutes. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat the process a few times a day.
  • Mint Leaves- they are the best antiseptic green leaves for chalazion cysts. They soothe the soreness and swelling caused by the eyelid cyst. The following leaves help to deal with itchiness and scratches. Crush some mint leaves and apply on the affected area for five minutes. Then wash it with tap water.
  • Castor Oil- Another effective treatment for chalazion cyst. The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil help to reduce inflammation and pain occurring from the cysts. Apply it on the affected area and leave it for fifteen minutes and then rinse it with lukewarm water. Repeat the process thrice a day to get rid of the eyelid cyst.
  • Warm compress- It is considered the most helpful remedy when it comes to treating an eyelid cyst at home. The heat produced by the warm compress boosts the drainage of the gland and enhance blood circulation to the affected area. Warm compress is also a great idea to reduce pain and swelling associated with the cyst. Dip a cotton cloth in warm water and remove the excess water and place it on the eyelid cyst for about five minutes. Repeat the process thrice a day to get complete relief from the problem.

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  • Green Tea Bags- A popular remedy to treat eyelid cyst. Green tea is also believed to reduce pain and inflammation. It also reduces the size of the cyst, making it smaller and less visible. The tea contains tannic acid, which is thought to keep the infection away. Apply a green tea bag for at least ten minutes. Make sure you squeeze out the excess water. Follow procedure 4 to 5 times a day to get relief.
  • Bitter Gourd- the green vegetable is known to have detoxifying properties which help to deal with chalazion cyst. Eating bitter gourd helps in cleaning of the skin from inside. You can also place a slice of it on the cyst to get rid of an eyelid cyst. Drinking its juice on an empty stomach can also provide relief.
  • Tea Tree Oil- Studies suggest that an eyelid scrub made from 50% tea tree oil can help stop the recurrence of eyelid cysts. Always apply to dilute tea tree oil on your skin, especially around the eyes. A mixture of 50% water and 50% tea tree oil is absolutely safe for an eyelid wash, but be careful, avoid the solution to get into your eyes.
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acid Supplements- These essential fatty acids can have a great impact on one’s eye health. A research study showed that taking omega 3 fatty acid supplements can lead to fewer eyelid problems.

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eyelash serum

Every woman wants longer, thicker, and darker eyelashes. This empowering demand from market research drove manufacturers to bring eyelash serums to market. Some products, such as Careprost eyelash enhancer serum show significant changes to lash length, thickness, and darkness within sixteen weeks of use. But many other eyelash serums that claim to promote eyelash growth would actually cause more harm than good.

Choose a quality lash serum

Eyelash loss is a serious issue, and it can destroy your facial aesthetics. If you lose more than 4 to 5 lashes per day, it is the right time to take action against the falling of lashes. Schedule an appointment with a dermatologist and start using a quality eyelash growth serum.

It is perfectly normal to lose one to two lashes every day, however, if the number increases to 4 to 5 indicates to health problems. Moreover, it takes about three to four months for the re-growth of eyelashes naturally.

Side Effects of Eyelash Enhancers

Itching or eye redness is the most common side effects of eyelash enhancer serums. More rare ones include dryness, irritation, darkening of the eyelids. Some lash growth enhancement products can permanently damage, the amount of brown pigmentation in the iris.

What’s on the market for eyelash growth?

Quick research reveals a number of eyelash serum products available on the online market. These products have become increasingly popular because of their promise to turn sparse and brittle eyelashes into long and luscious ones by the simple process of applying serums to the lash line. However, the process sound quite convenient, it is important to be knowledgeable of the side effects that cause these products to be less effective.

Almost all of them are expensive and do not possess a positive effect on the growth of eyelashes. Beyond careprost, there are plenty of other eyelash enhancement products are available online, at the cosmetic counters or online drug store. But do they actually work to enhance the appearance of lashes? When it comes to eyelash serums, most of the product is not effective with only a few exceptions, one of which is Careprost eyelash growth serum 0.003%. The rest of the products on the market claiming longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes are unlikely to work. Most of the cosmetic products claiming to promote eyelash growth typically don’t work. They are marketed with natural ingredients and strengthening agents which may sound great, but actually, do not do anything to stimulate lash growth.

The Careprost Effect

Careprost is a product specifically made to treat people with hypotrichosis (the condition of having inadequate or sparse eyelashes). The main active ingredient is a chemical known as prostaglandin, Bimatoprost which works to grow eyelashes. If used properly the product promise to give your eyelashes that are longer, darker, and thicker. This product should be used along with the guidance from your dermatologist. Bimatoprost eyelash serum is easily accessible on websites like premiumrxdrugs.com at an affordable price.