How To Take Care of Eyes with Contact Lenses?

As per data provided by the US Centers for disease control and prevention,  more than 40 million Americans use contact lenses, and about 90% of them do not follow instructions for proper care of lenses. Improper cleaning and other bad habits can contribute to various eye issues, including irritation and infection. Proper care is required for successful wear and good eye health. Along with contact lenses, you will be provided with products to clean, disinfect and store your contact lenses and safe handling instructions. This article will help you know how to wear contact lenses safely and how to care for your eyes with lenses.

In The Beginning, It Is Normal If You Experience Any Of The Following:

  • Have itch eyes
  • Are more aware of the one lens
  • Vision seems fuzzier than with your glasses
  • Your vision in one eye is better than in the other
  • Have trouble handling your lenses

Remove your contacts immediately in case you:

  • Develop unusual redness or pain
  • Develop the foggy or cloudy vision
  • Feel a decrease in vision that does not resolve quickly.

You may receive solutions for cleaning, disinfecting, soaking, and rinsing your contact lenses and ophthalmic solutions while wearing the lenses prescribed specifically for your eyes and your lenses. Since the solutions and eye drops vary significantly from one manufacturer to another, please do not change any one of them without checking with your ophthalmologist first. Using non-recommended products may cause lens damage, eye irritation, and an increased risk of infection.    

How well your eyes adapt to contact lenses is the key factor in determining wearing time. Make sure you do not exceed the wearing schedule your doctor prescribed. It is important to note that, like any prescription device, contact lenses must be monitored regularly. When it comes to taking care of contact lenses, professional follow-up care plays a crucial role in successful, long-term contact lens wear. For proper care, please keep your scheduled appointments.

how to take care of eyes with contact lenses

Safe Handling Of Your Contact Lenses

1. Rinse Your Hands:

Washing your hands before handing your lenses is a must. Wash your hands, rinse well, and dry with a towel. Ensure your fingernails are short and smooth to avoid damaging the lenses or scratching your eye. It is best to use a soap that will not leave an oily film on the hands, which transmits to the lenses. If there is an oily build-up, it does not come off with cleaning. This oily build-up does not come off with cleaning.  

2. Clean The Lenses:

Remove the lenses from their case and clean them well. To avoid the possibility of mix-ups, begin with the right lens.  

3. Inspect Your Lenses:

Place the lens on your forefingers to inspect it and determine if it’s placed right.    

4. Which Side Is Up?

If the lens is placed correctly, the edges will appear almost straight, like a bowl. When in an inverted position, the edges of the lenses will flare out slightly like a teacup. This is often tough to determine until you have had a little practice.

5. Carefully Inserting Your Lenses:

To learn how to wear contact lenses, please read the below instructions carefully:

  • Hold the upper lid to prevent blinking
  • Pull the lower lid down
  • Focus on a steady point with the eye you are not placing the lens on
  • Put the lens on the centre of the cornea, not off to the side.
  • Avoid blinking until the lens is properly placed and has no bubbles underneath.

6. Ophthalmic formulations:

One or two drops of lens lubricant are suggested if your lens feels dry or if you suspect the vision is blurred while wearing them. Ophthalmic solutions may also be helpful before removing lenses in case your lenses feel dry and sticky.

Can you use normal eye drops with contacts? Well, the answer is yes. Eye drops are available to treat allergies, dry eye problems, and other common eye-related issues. Make sure you use it under the supervision of an ophthalmologist. Several eye drops are available to prevent allergies and dry eye issues. You can buy the best eye care products online for yourself.

7. How To Use Makeup And Hairspray While Wearing Contact Lenses:

Always wear lenses before applying makeup. Be careful while using aerosol sprays. If you use them, tightly close your eyes when spraying and leave that room after you finish spraying.

8. Removal Of Lens:

Wash your hands before you remove your lenses. Slide the edge of your lens down onto the white part of your eye. Gently squeeze the lens between your thumb and forefinger to remove it. Be careful while doing this; avoid using your fingernails.

9. Cleaning Lenses After Each Wearing:

It will help if you clean your lenses after each wearing. Put the lens in your palm. Place the drop or two of cleaning solution on it and gently rub them in a straight back-and-forth motion. Flip the contact lens over and repeat the process.      

10. Clean Your Case Daily:

Remove your lenses from the case, rinse them with contact lens solution and allow them to air dry.

11. Storing Lenses:

When soft lenses are stored in the case, ensure they are fully soaked in the disinfecting solution. Every time use a new solution. Reusing the disinfecting solution can give rise to serious eye infections and cause the lenses to turn colour.

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Follow-up visits to your ophthalmologist are very important for you and the health of your eyes. Even if you feel your lenses are fine, please keep your scheduled appointments to ensure they fit properly.