Arthritis Treatment

Arthritis is a painful experience and this condition is a result of inflammation that gets worse with the age. You have to identify the beginning of this condition and take powerful and effective arthritis medication before it takes a firm grip on your life. Continue Reading

Yoga pose

You can connect with your mind, body and spirit through yoga poses by ensuring that your practice matches with your persona and your physical needs. This informative guide can help you pick the right yoga asanas for yourself. Continue Reading

Stress Management

The first step in dealing with stress is recognizing that it’s there. Everyone feels stress in a different way. Figure out your signs of stress and once you know what signals to look for, you can start with stress management. Also, recognize the situations that make you stressed. These are called stressors. Your stressors could be family, work, relationships, money, or health problems. Once you understand what is causing you stress, dealing with stress attains pace.

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5 Food you think are healthy but are not

The fitness craze that has swept the world lately can be witnessed quite accurately across every superstore. Healthy foods inscribed with “organic,” “no sugar added,” “low-fat,” and best of all, “all-natural” marketing buzzwords are mostly just marketing buzzwords. Continue Reading

Fiber Food

 It’s easy to lose weight now. Yes, you read it right! You don’t have to remain hungry and food deprived to slash down the extra calories. Read this article to know about some healthy weight loss tips. Continue Reading

Myths about dandruff

If dandruff is hitting hard on you and ‘how to remove dandruff’ is all what goes in your mind, then read this myth-breaking article concerning dandruff causes and dandruff remedies. Continue Reading