Herbs that Fight Arthritis Pain

Arthritis is a condition of inflammation in one or more joints. It could be so severe that let you not even move or walk comfortably. The arthritis medication simply focuses on reducing inflammation in the tissues located around the joints. You can use some herbs that have the power to fight arthritis pain and make you feel comfortable. Continue Reading

You are at Risk for Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a serious health issue in which the bones become weak and fragile, and are more likely to break or at greater risk for fracture. This disease affects the bones in the wrist, spine, hip, shoulder, and pelvis. Osteoporosis develops when bone loss minerals like calcium, quicker than the body can replace them, leading to reduced mass and bone density. Continue Reading

Multiple Sclerosis Can Negatively Affect Your Lung Function

People suffering from multiple sclerosis (MS) are more likely to have problems with their respiratory tract. They may also experience symptoms like fatigue, tingling, numbness, and the memory problems. It has been estimated that about 30% of MS patients have decreased respiratory function. If you have MS, there are chances that you got fewer points on pulmonary function tests that assess the muscle strength when you breathe. Continue Reading

Can your depression affect your Child’s Health?

These days’ most of the schools are facing challenges with many children those are unable to meet the basic day-to-day needs i.e. sitting postures, paying attention to class work/activities, not controlling their behavior, arguing with classmates and teachers etc. Many schools have designed special education programs for these kinds of children to overcome these issues. Continue Reading

How Low-Carb Diet May Help in Metabolism

Various clinical studies suggest that a low-carbohydrate diet can lead to healthy changes in your metabolism. A low carb diet is famous for shedding pounds fast. Some metabolism boosting foods include blueberries, almonds, oatmeal, spinach, salmon, avocado, milk, asparagus, whey protein, tofu etc Continue Reading

9 Foods that can harm your Bone Health

We all know that bones are the support system of our body. Therefore, it is very important that we should try to keep them strong and healthy all the time. There are many ways through which we can keep them (bones) healthy and strong. Exercising regularly and eating properly balanced food are one of the good habits for taking care of bone health in the right manner. Continue Reading

Best Red Vegetables with Health Benefits

There are many red vegetables to choose those are loaded with powerful, healthy antioxidants such as lycopene and anthocyanins that fights from heart disease and prostate cancer to decrease the risk of stroke and macular degeneration. These red vegetables can bring a difference in your diet, health, and appearance. Continue Reading

Are Sleeping Pills Or Sleep Aids Right For You?

If taken properly, sleeping pills give enormous benefit to people suffering from an inability to get restful sleep. At the same time, the rise in the use of sleep medication has unpleasant side effects. All sleep medications work on the brain to promote drowsiness. Some drugs are specially designed as sleep aids; consult with your doctor before initiating the use of sleep aid. Continue Reading

The New Year's Resolution: Take Your Health Seriously

As the year ends, people start looking forward to making resolutions that improve their health condition in the New Year. The most common New Year’s resolution is, of course, to get healthy and stay fit, which generally includes the dreaded diet. Sometimes, it almost seems like resolutions are just meant to be broken. But in reality, making resolutions are the good and productive ways to set goals and intentions for the New Year. Continue Reading