Understanding Estrogen Replacement Therapy: A Guide to Progynova 1mg

This information guide answers some common questions about progynova uses. Speaking and following a doctor’s instructions is vital for the desired results.


Tab Progynova is a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for treating the signs and symptoms of estrogen deficiency due to menopause. It provides HRT for the treatment of menopausal complaints after the cessation of monthly bleeding or after surgical removal of the ovaries. The Progynova tab is only recommended for short-term usage. The medications contain estradiol valerate, which is a precursor of the hormone estradiol. During menopause, estradiol production in the ovaries decreases. Being a natural body process, menopause often contributes to distressing symptoms that are connected to the gradual loss of the hormones produced by the ovaries. 

Progynova tablet replaces the hormone estradiol that the body no longer makes and prevents or relieves symptoms such as sleep disturbances, sweats, hot flashes, irritability, headache, dizziness, headaches, as well as vaginal burning and dryness. If you have not had your uterus removed, your healthcare provider will prescribe another hormone progestogen to take with Progynova. In addition, the loss of hormones produced by the ovaries contributes to thinning of the bones. In some women, these effects may turn out to be postmenopausal osteoporosis, resulting in fractures of the bones in later life.  

Progynova 1 mg is not a contraceptive and will not prevent you from falling pregnant. The use of hormone replacement therapy carries risks that require to be considered when deciding whether to begin taking it. The experience in treating women with a premature menopause (due to ovarian failure or surgery) is limited. If you are someone who has been dealing with premature menopause, the risks of using HRT may be different. Please seek medical help. Before you begin this treatment, your healthcare provider will ask about your family history and may decide to perform a physical test. This may include an examination of your breasts and an internal examination (if required).  

Once you start treatment with Progynova estradiol valerate, you should see your healthcare provider for regular checkups (at least once a year). During these checkups, you must discuss the risks and benefits of using Progynova 1 mg.

Usage information

Before initiating the treatment, a thorough general and gynecological examination should be carried out.

Follow all directions given to you by your healthcare provider carefully. Taking it at the same time each day will have the best effect. This will also help you remember when to take it. It doesn’t matter if you take this medication before or after consuming food. Swallow the pill whole with a glass full of water.  

The medicine is only intended for short-term use. Your healthcare specialist will advise you on how long to use Progynova/estradiol valerate tablets Progynova. Your healthcare professional will discuss the risks of long-term treatment with HRT. According to some research studies, women undergoing HRT tend to have a small increase in breast cancer risk. The risk increases with the duration of HRT usage. HRT usage is associated with a small increase in the risk of developing strokes, heart attacks, blood clots, including clots in the lungs, and dementia. However, the evidence is inconclusive. While on the other hand, the risk of hip fractures and bowel cancer may be minimized. Considering your condition, your healthcare provider can discuss these risks and benefits with you. 


You should stop taking Progynova in early pregnancy at once and speak to your healthcare professional if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Get a very first attack of migraine, which is a throbbing headache accompanied by nausea and visual disturbances.
  • Phlebitis (Swollen veins)
  • Worsening of pre-existing migraine, unusually severe headaches
  • Itching of the whole body
  • Sudden disturbances of vision or hearing
  • Unusual pain in the upper abdomen that does not disappear within a short period.

You should not take this medicine if you are under 18. If you develop a blood clot while taking Progynova 1 mg or have any doubt regarding this, seek immediate medical help. These Progynova side effects include unusual pains or swelling of your arms or legs, coughing blood, fainting, and sudden shortness of breath. Discontinue treatment if you develop jaundice (yellowing of the skin or the eyes).

Progynova 1 mg

Warning and precautions 

Excessive alcohol consumption during the use of HRT influences the treatment. You must inform your healthcare provider if any of the following applies to you:

  • Started on any new medicine
  • Become pregnant while taking this medication
  • Going to have surgery
  • About to have any blood tests

The bottom line

Progynova is effective in treating estrogen deficiency in peri and postmenopausal women as a hormone replacement therapy (HRT). It is also given to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and fractures. If you have concerns about taking Progynova, consult your healthcare provider.