Healthy foods for healthy heart

A healthy heart means healthy body functioning, so it’s important you eat heart healthy foods that ensure its wellbeing. Experts recommend a heart-healthy diet that comprises some effective food items that you should take regularly. Continue Reading

Why Blood Pressure Should be Checked in Both Arms

A large difference between the blood pressure readings of the two arms should never be ignored. An abnormal difference between the readings can be a sign of any underlying heart ailment. According to various studies, high blood pressure differences in the both arms can cause a heart attack.
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In today’s busy life, people do not have time to take care of their own health. They do not keep a check on their diet because of tight schedules and other commitments. Having a job is pretty stressful and this increases the risk of getting attacked by various diseases. Continue Reading

symptoms of heart attack

February is the American Heart Month during which families and health professionals can work together to fight against heart diseases and stroke. This is the precise time to spread awareness about preventing heart disease and encouraging people to opt for a heart healthy lifestyle. As per the statistics, the main reason of death among men and women residing in the United States is heart disease. However, making healthy choices and managing health conditions can help people prevent it. This February raise awareness about heart disease and spread knowledge about how to stay healthy. People have a tendency to get a false sense of security about the risk revolving around heart attack and stroke. Let’s check out the different ways for preventing heart diseases including heart attack and stroke. Continue Reading

how to avoid heart burn

Nearly everyone has experienced heartburn at some point in their lives. It’s that burning sensation one feels in the chest region from time to time that leaves one feeling queasy. So what exactly is heartburn? Technically, heartburn or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is problem of the digestive system that occurs when the food and/or the digestive acids in your stomach travel the wrong way back into your esophagus.

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heart symptoms

Signs of heart problems are enough to create panic among many. In the U.S. alone, heart diseases are responsible for deaths of approximately 40% of the U.S population. However, many still fail to recognize the symptoms of heart problems. This is because most of the symptoms of heart problems aren’t as dramatic as the movies portray. Also, people often confuse serious heart symptoms for heartburn, muscle soreness, or other non-cardiac causes.

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