Symptoms of Heart Disease in Men

Generally, most of the heart problems in men remain silent but they may erupt within a short span of time. It is a bit complex to identify a heart disease unless you undergo a medical checkup. However, experts suggest that some signs and symptoms are there that can help men understand the development of a heart disease.

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It is better to understand those possible symptoms that indicate the presence of a heart disease in men.

  1. Heartburn and Indigestion:

Experts find that men may experience heartburn and indigestion too frequently and if so it could be due to a heart problem. If you often experience upset stomach and acidity, go for a medical checkup to get assured if any heart ailment is developing. Anyone may suffer from the heartburn and indigestion but they could also happen due to a heart disease.

  1. Chest Discomfort:

Chest pain or discomfort feeling in the chest could indicate the presence of a heart disease. In some cases, men experience tightness, pressure and deep pain in the chest. It could be due to blockage in the blood vessels. Such patients are advised to go through a medical checkup to ascertain if there is any heart disease. Usually, a normal chest pain lasts for a few minutes but a heart disease makes it longer. Also, remember that in some cases of the heart problem, chest pain does not occur and people remain unaware of the disease.

  1. A feeling of Dizziness and Lightheadedness:

A heart disease may cause dizziness in men so that they can lose concentration and body balance. In some cases, men also feel uneasy to move, drink and breathe right after the feeling of dizziness. However, this condition could indicate the presence of a heart disease but it could also happen because of the high or low blood pressure, so it is better to confirm the exact cause of the condition through a medical test.

  1. A feeling of Fatigue and Exhaust:

If you continuously feel fatigued and exhausted after climbing stairs or walking fast, it could be a symptom of a heart disease. Moreover, if your body finds it difficult to cope with hard working conditions or you often complain of a headache and joint pain, contact your doctor to check if your heart is healthy and functioning well or not. Extreme exhaustion could be due to the weakness or malnutrition but it can also be a sign of heart disease in men.

  1. Loud snore:

Almost everyone snores while sleeping but its sound or volume is not the same. Loud snoring could be a sign of a heart problem as in this case your heart takes extra pressure. Those who are uncomfortable to breathe normally do snore a bit louder than a normal person does. Difficult breathing is a possible sign of heart disease so you must go for a medical checkup if any such problem is developing underneath.

  1. Persistent coughing:

If you are suffering from a cough for a long time, it is not a good sign for your heart. Living with a long-lasting cough that continuously produces white mucus could be an indication of a heart problem. This condition happens when your heart is unable to keep up with the demand of your body. It forces blood back into the lungs, causing nasal discharge.

  1. Irregular heartbeat:

Irregular heartbeat is quite common but if this condition continues for a long time then it could be due to a heart problem. However, the uneven heartbeat can happen due to sleep apnea, arterial fibrillation, body discomfort, nervousness, or an uneasy feeling. So you should go for a medical checkup to know about the exact reason behind the uneven heartbeat. In some cases, doctors recommend Depin 5 mg tablet that is a calcium channel blocker. This medicine can relax blood vessels, helping the heart to pump blood more efficiently.

  1. Pain in the jaw, neck, or torso:

Throat or jaw pain is not directly related to any heart disease but it indicates that you have a pressure in the center of the chest. This pressure could be a symptom of a heart ailment. Ignoring any sort of pain in the jaw or neck can prove to be harmful to your heart.

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