Studies are reporting the association between headaches and gastrointestinal disorder like esophageal reflux disease (GERD). Some studies have demonstrated the improvement of headache following the treatment of gastrointestinal disorder with acid reducers. Why should a digestive ailment cause migraine at the end? Read to understand the connection.

Headache is one of the common reasons for regular visits to a health care centre. Unfortunately, in some cases, despite the use of medicines for migraines, and other treatment measures, the causes of migraine cannot be determined, and only symptoms are treated. In such cases, patients experience decreased quality of life and therefore forced to visit neurologic centres.

Does POTS explain the connection?

Have you ever heard about postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS)? It is an autonomic medical condition during which a little amount of blood return to heart while shifting your body from a lying to a standing posing. A health complication associated with this condition is an increased susceptibility to gastrointestinal ailments such as GERD. So, if you are suffering from POTs, then you may be more likely to develop GERD accompanied by headaches that may worsen on the occurrence of an acid reflux bout. POTS likely to affect both males and females between the ages of 15 to 50 and often occurs immediately after a viral infection, major surgery, or trauma. However, every individual who has GERD and has migraine might not be necessarily be affected with POTS.

Can bad digestion be the culprit?

If you are not someone who is suffering from POTS as explained above, they might have a different cause of migraine. Let’s check another possibility for headaches.

When you develop GERD, your stomach’s acidity is usually low, which greatly affects digestion. In people with low acidity, digestion does not occur efficiently. This is because H.pylori organisms have overgrown in an environment where they shouldn’t be any bacteria. The bacteria play a role in the fermentation of food that should be digested and produce large amounts of noxious gases, which further increase pressure in the stomach, leading to bloating.  These gases also put pressure on lower esophageal splinters or LES, a muscular valve that guards the entrance of the esophagus into the stomach and forces it to open upwards, which allow the flow of acid stomach contents inside the esophagus, causing heartburn. Normally, LES enables the entry of swallowed food into the stomach and does not backflow of stomach contents. These harmful gases spread throughout the body fluids and sinuses and enter our brain and expand. Expansion of these noxious gases puts pressure on the walls of the brain, causing headaches. These bouts of headaches persist until these gases are eliminated from the body system. This theory also explains why you experience bouts of headaches during the progression of acid reflux. Acid reducers may improve gastrointestinal disorder GERD.

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Can a pill for migraine provide relief?

Unfortunately, common pain relief medications such as aspirin and NSAIDs can make your GERD worse. Moreover, the best way to get relief is to counter the causes of headaches, which may gastrointestinal disorders. As mentioned above, GERD is caused by low stomach acid. Due to low stomach acidity, colonization of harmful bacteria like H.Pylori, (known to cause GERD) takes place in the stomach. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth can also make your GERD worse. Removal of H.pylori and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth as well as balancing the gut flora (useful bacteria) helps to provide relief from GERD. Moreover, regulating acid production with acid reducers along with diet and lifestyle changes may also help to treat the gastrointestinal condition. Stress management also plays a key role in limiting GERD. Remember, a healthy gut allows you to reach the gateway to lasting health and wellness. Keeping your digestion healthy means keeping your body healthy.


As a migraine sufferer, every aspect of your life can be impacted. Your migraine attack may last for days, but it can hinder your ability to succeed at work or spend and restrict you from spending time with your family. Or else, the sensitivity to light and sound means skipping out on social gathering. Migraine can disrupt the lives of those living with the disabling disease, and it often comes with feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, which can indicate depression.

If you get a migraine, you have a higher risk of having one of several other medical conditions. Or you may be more likely to develop other situations as well. Migraines have been associated with a wide range of medical conditions from depression to asthma to heart disease. Around 18% of women and 6% of men get severe headaches. One of the reasons why migraine is so common is because so many pathways lead to migraine pain and those pathways may differ from person to person. Get the best migraine medicine online at lowest price.

 Migraines Affects

Migraine is not just a painful headache, but a life ache. Medical research suggests that around 70% of migraine sufferers experience impairment in personal life and cause poor performance at work. The incidence of depression due to this painful condition affects productivity and happiness.

Physical impact- Many people tend to develop restless leg syndrome during a migraine attack. When the problem strikes, an individual experience an irresistible urge to mover his/her legs and the condition commonly occurs when you are trying to fall asleep. It may also cause you to have creeping, prickling, or throbbing. So, migraine pain is not just enough to keep you awake, nor your legs are causing a problem too.

  1. Social Life

Turning down fun plans just because of a headache can feel like the ultimate cop-out but having migraines. People living with migraine are more worried about disappointing others because of their headache. Some are embarrassed about their condition and put all their efforts to hide their migraine from their family and friends.

  1. Love Life

According to research studies, nearly 90% of sufferers believed that their migraine pain greatly affects their relationship. Migraine sufferers often feel terrible about their condition and try to make the distance from their loved ones as they don’t want to increase the burden on them. This can cause the sufferer to withdraw from physical and emotional contact with their loved ones. This type of love stimuli may worsen migraine pain. Studies suggest that feeling loved and having sex can help mitigate the pain, and many migraine sufferers experienced relief from their symptoms during intercourse. Effect on mental health-

Nothing more depressing than an ongoing throbbing headache. Migraine and depression come hand in hand where migraine pain makes the patient depressed, and the depression can make the condition worse. The incidence of anxiety is quite rare with migraine sufferers they are worried about what if another migraine attack occurs.  Stressed caused by anxiety is one of the major triggers of migraines.

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  1. Heart Risk

People living with migraine are more likely to have a risk of great attack, stroke, or other heart diseases. However, the reason behind this is still not understood, but it is believed that the condition worsens particularly in women and those who experience migraine with aura.

  1. Effect on a sleeping routine

Taking adequate sleep will help with migraine, but the high level of migraine pain makes it nearly impossible to get the shut-eye. A survey revealed that lack of sleep could bring on a migraine. It shows the link between insomnia and headache and curing one condition provides relief in the other.

  1. Muscles Healthy

Muscle weakness was a primary complaint of migraine sufferers in the survey. Some patients reported that their migraine hurts from head to toe, they reported of body aches, and tight muscles result from migraine. Some reported that their headache makes it harder to work out; preventing from getting to the gym. They often feel like exercise is a trigger for more migraine, leading to weak muscles.

  1. Daily Routine Activities

Many people living with migraine said that the painful condition altered their daily lives and it is important to avoid things that would cause the migraine. Skipping the gym, avoiding a wine of glass at a party, or ignoring a movie night is common for migraine sufferers. While bright lights, certain smells, stress, and sleep problems are the most commonly reported triggers.

exercise for migraine

Migraines are defined as painful headaches that occur again and again. These headaches are accompanied by nausea and other symptoms. The pain caused by a migraine headache can last for hours or even days.

There are no causes of the migraines. It is believed that they are a result of an abnormal activity in the brain, which can affect the chemicals and blood vessels in the brain. It also has a great impact on the way nerves communicate. Genetics may make a migraine patient more sensitive to the triggers that can cause migraines.

Migraine treatment & Some Lifestyle alterations for a migraine

Currently, there is no single cure for the extreme pain caused by the migraines. The aim of the treatment is to prevent a full-blown attack and removing the symptoms that occur.

There are natural ways to reduce the severity and duration of a migraine. Here are some lifestyle changes that might help reduce the frequency of migraines. These include:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Getting enough sleep
  • Avoiding certain foods
  • Regular physical exercise
  • Reducing stress

In some people a gluten-free can help; it can do wonders when it comes to treating migraine.

Exercise is believed to be the best way to reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches and migraine. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which are known as the body’s natural painkillers. Regular exercise can help reduce stress and also supports your system when you sleep, which means you get an adequate amount of sleep. According to the research studies, stress and inadequate sleep are two migraines triggers. Sometimes exercise can cause a headache and migraines. Buy Anti-Migraine product online at a discounted price. Visit to get maximum offers on Anti-migraine products online.

When following an exercising plan, stick to it to prevent headaches:

  • Hydration plays a significant role when it comes to preventing headaches. So it is important to stay hydrated, especially before, during, and after exercise. Ensure that your mouth is not dry and when you sweat. If you are thirsty, that is a sign that you have a substantial fluid deficit and may trigger a migraine. If you do not sweat when you are exercising at a moderate to vigorous level, it is a sign of dehydration.
  • The next step of the exercise plan is to eat sufficient and healthy food about half an hour and a half before you exercise. Exercise causes one’s blood sugar level to decrease, and it is important to have a source of energy. Foods with proteins, such as a protein bar or nuts, are good snacks prior to exercise.
  • The final part of the exercise plan is to warm-up. Do not jump into sudden, vigorous exercise if that triggers a headache or a migraine.

An exercise plan should include the following elements to improve health and reduce the frequency of migraines:

  • Cardio-respiratory endurance
  • Muscular strength and endurance
  • Flexibility

Exercise has following benefits which lead to a reduction in intensity and frequency of migraines:

  • Enhance your mood to make you feel lively
  • Decrease your sensitivity to the throbbing pain caused by a migraine headache because exercise releases endorphins- the feel-good hormones
  • Promote a healthy sleep pattern, which lowers the stress levels

Different exercises to do for migraines and headaches:

  • Walking, swimming and biking are a great form of aerobic exercise and help reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.
  • Exercise, meditation, deep breathing, and other relaxation techniques can ease your mind and your pain. These activities work by helping you focus on the present moment as well as helping you foster a positive attitude.
  • Yoga poses and other types of stretching exercise are extremely beneficial in reducing muscle tightness and tension in the head, neck as well as shoulders. This is important because when these muscles are tight, and it can make migraine symptoms worse.

Precaution to take while doing exercise:

  • Have a healthy posture- poor posture can worsen the condition, so do the exercise properly following the right way of doing them.
  • Limit high impact exercise- do high impact exercise in a limited intensity as it can increase the pain.
  • Make a plan for your exercise so that you can follow it properly and you don’t even miss the routines.

If you are dealing with a migraine with any degree of regularity, then you know escaping from symptoms like throbbing pain, blurred vision, nausea, sensitivity to light, smell, sound, and even touch is all you desire. You can try just anything to find relief from migraine symptoms. While several pain relievers are available to treat migraines, once the migraine treatment begins you can also do things to help avoid the throbbing pain in the first place and reduce the severity once a headache strikes.

Once the headache increases, most people want something that helps to make it easy for them and help to go away symptoms as quickly and effectively. Medications play a significant role in preventing a headache, but sometimes home remedies can also help prevent and relieve migraine symptoms.

There are a lot of things that you can to prevent headaches, as well as to decrease severity, frequency, and duration. Here are five natural ways in which you may be able to reduce or even stop a migraine headache.

  • Establish a regular sleep routine

According to studies, you can help prevent a migraine attack by making your life more regular especially when it comes to your sleeping habits. Having an adequate amount of sleep on a regular basis is hugely important. A migraine headache may occur you your body needs to rest, and you are n, not allow it. If you want to sleep, then this means your brain expects you to be well rested and fall asleep. So it important to choose a waking up time and stick to it. Get up no matter how bad your night sleep was and follow the same schedule. You are not supposed to go to bed again until your regular bedtime.  Also, pick a time when you should go to sleep, and quality sleep plays a significant role in the life of migraine sufferers. Researchers revealed that patients with migraines with short sleep duration or poor sleep quality experience headaches more frequently as compared to those with normal sleep duration and quality.

  • Exercise regularly

Studies found that migraine patients who get regular exercise and involve in certain kind of physical activity like cycling, swimming, aerobic exercise, brisk walking etc. tend to have fewer or less intense episodes of a migraine as compared to those who don’t exercise every day. It is recommended to get some exercise every day and stay active. Ideally, for at least 20 minutes of exercise can works wonder in your life. Researchers believed that if you are currently active, you have lesser intense episodes of migraines.

  • Focus on your diet

Some essential nutrients are considered beneficial for a migraine, among them, magnesium, vitamin B and coenzyme q10 can e found in spinach, almonds, sardines, beef, beans, and mushroom.  You may also talk to your physician or nutritionist about how o get these enough nutrients in your diet and discuss risk and benefits of taking these supplements. According to a study, getting enough probiotics in your diet may contribute to better brain function which ultimately leads to lower incidence of a migraine.

  • Include calming herbs in your diet

A lot of herbs with calming and soothing properties can reduce stress which is known as the biggest migraine trigger. Sipping soothing herbal teas can be a part of relaxation. Calming herbs may include chamomile, lavender, and peppermint.

  • Apply ice packs

An ice pack can take your mind off your symptoms. A cold pack can be applied to help ease headaches and associated symptoms. It may be more effective when applied to your forehead, and temple area. It can safely be used in combination with pain relievers and other migraine treatments.

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Migraine is a debilitating neurological disease that can wreak your normal life. The recurring and throbbing migraine headaches make it difficult to concentrate on simple tasks. You start contemplating what to do when you get migraine at work. Migraine is a neurological disease that makes it difficult to manage a full-time job. Most people ignore the symptoms of migraine saying that it is just a bad headache. However, it is necessary to follow some migraine relief tips that can help you to get rid of the throbbing headaches.

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what are the symoptoms of migraine

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