Air Pollution Can Raise Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Exposure to heightened air pollution could be a cause of mild to severe health problems including but not limited to asthma, skin allergies, blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes etc. It’s important to consider the factors that you can control, such as being aware that morning and evening commute times might not be the best time to go for a run or a walk. Change up your schedule so that you’re not engaging in outdoor activities near sources of pollutants or during peak hours. Continue Reading

Manage Your Diabetes, Insulin & High Blood Sugar with the Ultimate Diabetes Supply Kit

As a diabetic patient, your everyday routine involves scheduling and planning. Stress in an emergency or a natural disaster can increase or decrease the blood sugar level to a dangerous level. It may be difficult to handle the situation. There may be no food or diabetes medication available at that particular near around you, and no way of getting medical attention. Continue Reading

Having Diabetes Can Cost You Dearly

One of the costliest and highly prevalent diseases is diabetes, but, unfortunately, most of the cases are unrecognized. Many complications due to diabetes can be prevented if it is detected and treated appropriately in the stages. Not having adequate control of blood sugar levels can make the situation worse. The high level of sugar injures blood vessels that can become a cause of damage to heart, kidney, brain and even eyes. Continue Reading

How You Can Give Up Your Sugar Habit

Today’s major health issue heard from people is diabetes, and not just elderly people, it is affecting the youth and middle aged people also. Moreover, they just can’t resist their sweet tooth even after knowing about their sugar level. Diabetes care is an essential requirement for the existing and upcoming generation. Continue Reading

Get your diabetes under control in 5 simple steps

Diabetes is one of the most epidemic diseases in this modern time and with a healthy lifestyle & proper diet one can keep the sugar levels in control.  Keeping the blood sugar level close to normal is the only way to which you can avoid many other health issues that accompany a person with high sugar levels/diabetes. There are various side effects of diabetes like: Continue Reading

Manage type 2 diabetes with ease

Diabetes is a health condition in which your body causes blood glucose or sugar levels to rise higher than normal. Type 2 diabetes is very common to find so that you need not panic. You should realize the presence of early symptoms of diabetes to treat the condition before it reaches the level of Type 1, a serious one.
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Yoga poses to keep diabetes in control

Today the benefits of Yoga are not unknown, thanks to our rich ancient culture and today’s spiritual gurus who have popularized it all over the world. Experts have proved a strong relationship between yoga and diabetes or blood sugar treatment. So, if you haven’t considered yoga yet, think about it once again Continue Reading

foods to avoid when diabetic

The surge of sugar levels in the blood has become a common condition, but the bad choice of food worsens the condition. One must know what kind of foods to avoid when diabetic for better treatment.

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