Yoga to slim your face

Chubby cheeks may be distressing for some people. There are several home remedies to deal with the condition.

Are you looking to get rid of the excess fat from your face? Chubby cheeks can make you look older and dent your self-esteem. The good news is that there are several facial exercises that you can do to get toned Continue Reading

Home remedies to treat puffy eyes

Puffy eyes can be a frustrating and an embarrassing problem. There are some home remedies to treat the condition.
Puffy eyes typically happens when the eyes have swelled up due to some reasons such as excessive crying, stress, dermatitis, hormonal issues, sinus problems, bad sleep, hangovers and allergic reactions. Continue Reading

Home remedies to treat blood sugar

High blood sugar is often the cause several diseases. While it is important to take the right medications to keep it in control, it is very helpful to make some lifestyle changes and follow some home remedies to manage it better. Continue Reading

Home remedies to lose belly fat

One of the most common dilemmas several people face is how to lose belly fat. Apart from denting one’s appearance, large waistlines also signify diseases. Belly fat is a dangerous type of fat and can be eliminated with the help of some home remedies.

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Home remedies to deal with low blood pressure

While there is a lot of discussion of high blood pressure, not many are aware of the symptoms or causes of low blood pressure. In fact, a large number of people all across the world are affected by it but still are unaware of the basic related to low blood pressure. Continue Reading