Yoga poses to keep diabetes in control

Today the benefits of Yoga are not unknown, thanks to our rich ancient culture and today’s spiritual gurus who have popularized it all over the world. Experts have proved a strong relationship between yoga and diabetes or blood sugar treatment. So, if you haven’t considered yoga yet, think about it once again Continue Reading

Healthy foods for healthy heart

A healthy heart means healthy body functioning, so it’s important you eat heart healthy foods that ensure its wellbeing. Experts recommend a heart-healthy diet that comprises some effective food items that you should take regularly. Continue Reading

Improve vision by eye exercises

Our eyes are the most precious and sensitive organs in the body, so they require extra care to maintain a good vision. One should know how to improve eyesight through natural or home solutions. Learn those dos and don’ts recommended to improve your vision. Continue Reading

Beneficial tips to get healthy hair

Everybody wishes to have silky, shiny and strong hairs. Perhaps everyone is not blessed with silky hair, but there are some highly recommended hair care tips that can help you achieve good-looking, long and strong hair. Continue Reading

Health benefits of dates

Dates are not just delicious fruits to snack on but have many nutritious values that cannot be ignored. The health benefits of dates make them one of the highly recommended fruits to the people of all ages. Continue Reading