Improve vision by eye exercises

Our eyes are the most precious and sensitive organs in the body, so they require extra care to maintain a good vision. One should know how to improve eyesight through natural or home solutions. Learn those dos and don’ts recommended to improve your vision.Improve vision by eye exercises

Our eyesight is largely influenced by our lifestyle. Some people have good eyesight but they gradually lose it due to poor lifestyle, while some have low eyesight but they take effort to enhance the vision. One can take some precautions, eye exercises to improve vision and enhance eye health. These eye exercises are not only effective, but also easy to learn and practice at home.

There are many eye exercises touted as ways to naturally improve eyesight and overcome nearsightedness. Some of the most practiced eye exercises can be described as:

Palming exercise:
Palming exercise is very easy to practice as you can do it in a sitting or lying position. Just close your eyes and then cover them with your palms, crossing the fingers of both hands. Don’t put pressure on the lid and let your eyes feel the coolness and darkness for a few minutes. It’ll relax your eyes and they will feel refreshed. Don’t try to see darkness and ease your mind for a moment. This eye exercise can reduce muscle tension and subsequently improve eyesight.

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Eyeball rotation:
Rotation of eyeball is an excellent exercise to improve eye vision and relieve eye strain. Open your eyes wide and then try to move your eyeball touching edges of eye’s periphery. Do it for a minute in clockwise rotation and then move eyeballs anticlockwise. If your eyes are stressed then you may feel a mild pain in eyeball rotation but it’s a good exercise to improve the health of your eyes and enhance eye vision.

Swinging body:
The whole-body exercise proves to be very good to improve vision, relieve eye stress and improve mobility of the eyes. You can practice it at home as you stand looking straight ahead. Now, rotate your body to the left and keep throwing your weight onto your left foot and at the same time you allow your right heel to rise from the floor. Stand in the same position when you swing to other side, shifting body weight to other foot. This way, your eyes will cover 1800 arc. You can easily do this practice for 20 times in one minute to get relieved from eyestrain. Experts who tell how to improve eye vision would probably recommend this body swing exercise for better results.

Some experts suggest sunning as one of the fruitful eye exercises to improve vision. Just close your eyes and sit or stand in soft sunlight. Morning is the best time for sunning when sun rays are not so penetrative. Doing this for a few minutes can re-energize eye tissue and heal eyestrain.

Central fixation:
Our eyes keep shifting from one object to another and it’s a fact that they can see only a small part of any object sharply at a glance. Fixing eyes at one object, point or portion of a thing is a good eye exercise to improve vision. You should focus on the topmost part of an object for a few seconds without blinking your eyelid. Those who have imperfect vision or concentration problem can practice this exercise. It’ll also improve central fixation capacity of your eyes.

Home treatment to improve vision:
Beside eye exercises, you are advised to take up some home solutions in order to improve eye vision. These natural methods include:

Cucumber treatment: Put a slice of cucumber on the eyelid for a few minutes. This fruit has antioxidants and it’ll increase blood circulation of the eyes.

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Wash eyes with water: Keep your eyes hydrated and wash them with cool water to remove dirt or pollutants. The dry eyes get tired and give a blurry vision very often.

Take healthy diet: A diet comprising of vitamin A, C & E, green vegetables, juicy fruits and beta-carotene can promote eye health and correct vision.

Rest properly: It’s important to rest your eyes to distress them. Take a break for about 10 minutes for every 50 minutes spent in front of the computer screen. Sleep 6-8 hours to improve eye vision and betterment of overall body.

Wear corrective lenses: If you need to wear glasses to improve your vision and treat nearsightedness or farsightedness then wear it after proper eye check-up. It’s recommended not to wear just any of the glasses as it can deteriorate your vision. Your doctor can tell you how to improve eyesight with the best-suited glasses. Remember that any wrong selection of glasses may cause vision impairment, so choose them after a proper eye exam.

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