7 Healthy Hacks to Beat Sugar Cravings

We all are aware that sugar is not good for our health. Sugar can be quite addictive and taking even just a little bit can create a desire to have more. Here are some tips on how to beat sugar cravings forever.

beat sugar craving

Quitting sugar suddenly can lead to withdrawal symptoms such as cravings, mood swings, fatigue and headaches. Here are some tips:

Include more fibre and minerals in your diet – This will not only keep you feeling full but will also help stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings. Include foods high in mineral magnesium. Foods such as dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, quinoa, brown rice, and avocado are high in magnesium and can work wonders to help beat sugar cravings.

Include foods that contain chromium such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, whole grains, apples, and pastured eggs. These helps maintain blood sugar and can work to control sugar cravings. Zinc is an essential mineral and is present in foods such as pumpkin seeds, whole grains, pastured eggs, Brazil nuts, and oysters. Zinc deficiency can cause sugar cravings.

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Use nutmeg, cinnamon and cardamom – The usage of these spices will help to sweeten your food and decrease sugar cravings. These make for good sugar substitutes.

Eat healthy fats – These make you feel satiated and help to keep blood sugar levels steady. You can find healthy fats in avocados, nuts and seeds, coconut, extra-virgin olive oil, and the natural fats found in animal products such as wild salmon and pastured eggs.

Reduce your intake of alcohol, processed foods and caffeine – Alcohol and caffeine can cause dehydration and lead to deficiency of different kinds of minerals. Processed foods contain a lot of salt and sugar, and both of these can cause sugar cravings. Remember to hydrate with herbal teas and fresh water. Food cravings have often been found to be due to dehydration. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day. You can add some lemon to enhance the taste if you want.

Get good rest – When we have not rested well enough, we tend to feel tired and get the tendency to binge on sugary foods. Make sure to get good sleep at night so that you are fresh and active during the day. Exercise regularly. Low energy levels can lead to cravings. Engage in a daily regime of exercises to boost your energy and reduce stress. Control your stress levels. Keep in mind that stress is not due to any external factors but our perception of life. Take steps to manage your stress. Yoga, meditation, positive thinking, music, breathing techniques can help to keep stress at bay.

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Give in sometimes – Allow yourself at times to eat a bit of what you are craving for. Enjoying a bit of what you love can help you from feeling denied. However, it is best to stick to a 100-200 calorie limit though. Also, don’t stay hungry. Waiting for a long time in between meals can cause you to choose fatty, sugary foods that spoil your hunger. You can choose to eat every three to five hours. It will help to keep your blood sugar levels steady.

Opt for fruits- This is also one of the excellent sugar substitutes. When the craving hits, you can go for fruit. This way you will load up on the nutrients and fibre too along with the sweetness. Also, keep a stock of dried fruits, seeds and nuts ready so that you can reach for them instead of something sugary when you want to binge. Stay away from artificial sweeteners. These comprise harmful substances that keep the brain hooked to craving for sweet foods.

If you are thinking how to beat sugar cravings, keep these healthy hacks in mind the next time you get the urge to binge on sugary products. With practise and effort, the cravings would reduce greatly overtime.

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